Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tea with the Tudors

Waiting for the Tube at the stop nearest my flat

Align CenterOn the train with John (L) and Sam

Saturday found me traveling with John and Sam to Hampton Court, once the home of Henry VIII- you know, the guy with 6 wives. The man may have been a poor husband but he sure had good taste in houses.

My first sight of Hampton Palace

The back of the palace (the front was under construction)

Hampton Palace is even larger than Henry's own larger-than-life persona, and ten times more beautiful than it is big. I had so much fun exploring it. When no one was looking, I pretended to be a young Queen Elizabeth I, with my head high and holding an imaginary train.

Henry's Great Hall, where the court ate dinner every night

Wouldn't I make a superb queen?

We wandered around the exquisite gardens and raced through the maze. Sam found the way out first, but John and I found the center of the maze and Sam didn't. So we called it a tie.

My favorite room was the Chapel Royal, where the royals attended Mass every day. It is still a functioning church so no pictures are allowed, but from the choir loft, I sneaked this shot of the magnificent ceiling. Of course I made sure to pray for my special intention.

No picture can do justice to this glorious ceiling

We ate lunch in the "Privy Kitchen" cafe, where we enjoyed hot chocolate. On the train ride home, I taught them how to play Cucumbers and Pickles, a game I invented. They're already much better at it than I am. We came home, cooked dinner and watched a movie.

Overall, I'm happy to say the day was a smashing success.

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