Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's on my list

There are so many things in the world I want to pray for, and sometimes I forget some of them. So I started writing a list and it keeps growing. The people in Haiti, my sisters and brother, my best friend's job application, all kinds of things that matter- little and big. What would you put on your list?

Friday afternoon I went to St. Paul's Cathedral with John and Sam.

I kept a look out for the bird woman. Sad news: she isn't there. But don't worry, I sang "Tuppence a Bag" anyway.

In the crypt of the church, we saw the graves of famous folks like Admiral Nelson, Florence Nightingale and William Blake. We even found a statue of George Washington!

Sam with George Wash, affectionately known to us as "G Dubs"

This grave was my favorite. It honors a man who wasn't famous, but the inscription on his tomb makes clear his worth. It would not be a bad thing to have such things said on one's own tomb.

Aside from the crypt, the cathedral itself was gorgeous beyond explaining.

The main altar, seen from behind

St. Paul's is to Anglicans what St. Peter's in Rome is to Catholics. The two churches look very similar. St. Paul's and St. Peter's- Peter and Paul. Coincidence? I think not. It seems sad to me that these churches have to be divided from each other because of a silly old historical dispute.
Right there in St. Paul's, I started my own tradition, an intention I will always pray for. Sitting in an Anglican church, I bowed my head, folded my hands and prayed for a new intention: Christian unity. For the reconciliation of the Christian faiths.
For all the many denominations of Christianity to recognize each other as brothers and sisters in Christ and to realize that holiness is not the prerogative of any one religion.

And when I came home, I added it to my list.

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