Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A girl can dream

My darling friend Laura and I are both studying journalism. Hopefully someday we will both be famous reporters at the Wall Street Journal (me) and ESPN (her). But right now, the journalism field is kinda going downhill and it's getting really hard to find jobs. But that's alright because we have a back-up plan. If the whole journalism thing doesn't work out, we're going to open a bakery.

It's foolproof, really. I will make cupcakes and she will bake biscuits. We'll operate in Atlanta because it is warm and pretty, plus I've always wanted to live in the South.

The amazing Hummingbird Bakery on Portobello Road is our inspiration, but our bakery will be called Sugar Pie, because that's what I call everyone plus it sounds cute. Our color scheme is pink, brown, white and green.

Now sugar pie, promise y'all will come by and buy a cupcake, y'hear?

Love, The Book Girl

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