Monday, December 6, 2010

Magic at Midnight

Last night I was in my room trying pretending to do homework when Shannon stopped by after work, as she often does. We eventually wandered down the hallway and soon found ourselves snacking on chocolate-covered potato chips (surprisingly tasty) with Ginny and our Assistant Rector (AR) Mary outside of Mary's room. A curious freshman poked her nose out her door and said, "The snowball fight starts at midnight, right?"

I'd almost forgotten. Every year after the first big snowfall, Notre Dame students turn out for an epic campus-wide snow battle as North Quad and South Quad duke it out for the honor of God, country, Notre Dame, and their quad. Mod Quad and West Quad kinda jump in there too - West Quad usually allies with South Quad, while Mod Quad joins forces with North. Anyway, after the blizzard we had yesterday, campus was humming with preparations for the battle.

As a freshman, sophomore, and junior, I'd always been too cold, sick, tired or plain chicken to participate, but last night I reasoned that this was my senior year, dadgum, and I'd be darned if I missed out on this unofficial Notre Dame classic. Thesis be hanged. My journalism project could wait. The snow and South Quad were calling. So I geared up in mittens, woolen coat, rain boots (my snow boots being mysteriously missing), my coziest scarf and thickest hat; shanghaied my dear friends Shannon, Alex, and Ginny; and galloped nobly forth to fight for the glory of our Southern (Quad) land.

The battle raged long and hard. Hundreds and hundreds of North Quad dwellers were bearing down on us valiant Southerners, invading our territory, and we fought back with the courage of true Domers. To the front of battle we ran to cast our snowballs against the enemy, then dashed to the back of the trenches to gather more fluffy white ammunition. Snowballs hit our faces and backs but we battled bravely on. At last, by the strength of our arms and the size of our snowballs, we repelled the invaders from our hallowed lands. Then we plopped down on the ground and made snow angels.

Badin girls, snow-covered and happy
It was a night that I hope to never forget. It was more fun than I could even have imagined, from ambushing our friend Audrey in the midst of a snowy duel to climbing a tree on God Quad to the mysterious fireworks that went off during the fight, adding that extra touch of magic. After we had finally spent our energy chasing each other around two quads (and taking some pictures in front of the Golden Dome), we moseyed back to Badin for immense mugs of steaming hot cocoa and marshmallows.

This is what college is really about, I think; it's what I love most and what I'll miss most. Not the classes or projects or papers, as awesome and interesting as they are, but having the time and enthusiasm to spend an hour on a December night chasing my friends around a huge pine tree with a hand full of snow. It was perfect, and it was unforgettable.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Love Thee Notre Dame.


  1. Your post about the snow is so much more epic than mine haha. Though I choose to blame the fact that I wrote mine at like 4:30 in the morning while sitting on your bed, only quasi-conscious, because let's face it - 4:30 in the morning is not the time at which I make the most sense.

  2. oh yay, can't believe I just now figured out you blog too, Tess! Thank you for the book suggestions...I'll definitely have to add some of those to my Christmas list! Excited to read your posts and feed my ND nostalgia!

  3. Thanks Mary! I'm glad you liked them. Have a great Christmas!