Saturday, December 11, 2010

So College

I do think it's really silly when people say something is "so college," because most of the stuff you do in college you'll continue to do after college, but today has just been over the top in the "only in college" department.

Stuff I've done Today:
Slept in an extra 2 hours after last night's PLS and Observer parties
Really long, late brunch in South dining hall with Lillian, Dan and Lillian's friend Alyssa
Cleaned my room
Set my bed (supposedly some people say "made my bed?" What?)
Listened (still listening) to the Christmas station on Pandora
Watched this video
Looked up recipes for thumbprint cookies and gnocchi
Wrote this blog post

Things I have NOT Done:
Written my 2 papers due Friday
Studied for finals

"Study days" is such a misnomer. More like "creative procrastination days." Badin has a study break at 10 pm to watch "Eat, Pray, Love." I really want to see it so I'm hoping to get at least a leetle work done before then. Maybe I'll go for a walk to clear my brain. What's your favorite strategy for beating procrastination? Advice would very welcome!

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  1. Forcing yourself to study by going to the library with no laptop and a serious study buddy!! We have to talk soon. I need an update on your life. Sunday it is then. :)