Tuesday, January 24, 2012

March for Life Weekend

Sometimes I feel as though I live in an alternate universe from the rest of the world.

Not one single blog that I read regularly had a word to say about the March for Life yesterday. Not one news site I frequent mentioned it.

But in my life? Oh man. How do I even begin to tell you what the March for Life means for me?

Shall I tell you about the March for Life party I went to Saturday night? So many of my friends were there, people I hadn't seen in months or even years. Ridiculous amounts of hugs were exchanged. Cider was drunk and marshmallows were roasted. I had the joy of introducing some of my oldest friends to some of my newest, and watching them really bond.

Shall I describe the serious debate my girl friends and I had, late one night, over which of my DC guy friends would make the best boyfriend? Every girl had a different pick, but in the end, we all agreed on the same one - a most unlikely one too.

Shall I attempt to elaborate the state of my kitchen? Every plate, bowl, cup and wine glass was used. The crockpot more than came into its own. We feasted and celebrated, and my kitchen looks it. And do I even need to say, that the mess was more than worth it?

Shall I talk about the conference on Sunday, and Lillian's and my glorious return to our favorite place in the universe, the Midnight Mug? Or the ongoing devouring of Georgetown Cupcakes? What about the Mass for Life that Maggie, Frank and I went to on Sunday? It was the longest Mass of my life and nearly did us all in. But the sacrifice was so, so worth it.

Shall I tell you about seeing my little sisters, and hugging them, and squeezing their cheeks? How I miss those sweet little sisters of mine! Thanks to the March, they came right to my town.

What about seeing old friends from college, and even the president of my university? Marching with my favorite campus priest and some old friends from Campus Ministry? Shall I describe for you the chaos on the National Mall, the way all the streets were blocked off, and how it took me hours of searching to finally track down Lillian and Maggie in the crowd?

Shall I tell you about the dozens and dozens of police officers, and how I tried to thank at least a few? About the cute little nuns holding banners? About the singing, the praying, and the ever-present, effervescent, all-surrounding JOY?

Shall I relate each gleeful reunion? How friend after old friend appeared like magic in the crowd, and we ran with happy shouts (or squeals in my case) into each other's arms? For me, the March for Life is a reunion of every person I've ever known. It's a magical, happy, friendship-renewing day.

Shall I tell you about those things? I wish I could, but I don't think I can do them justice.

Just take my word for it. I live in a crazy, pro-life, alternate Catholic universe. It's the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I'm so glad I do.


  1. Wish I could be there!!


  2. It sounds like it was really great. Our Walk for Life out here in the West went really well by all reports. God bless our cause!