Thursday, December 6, 2012

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Our Christmas tree, all set up for the holidays.

Usually we set it up on the First Sunday of Advent, but this year we did it a week early so the whole family could decorate it together.

What I love most about the family tree is the history behind the ornaments. There's a tiny silver cradle with my name on it, from my first Christmas as a baby ... a messily-glued paper Nativity I made in fourth grade ... countless ornaments my siblings have made, and from places we have traveled.

My mom collects ornaments every summer on our family vacation. I love finding little treasures from Yellowstone National Park or Mackinac Island buried among the stockings, bells, and red bows.

We listen to Christmas music while decorating, and afterwards we faithfully observe our silliest family tradition: watching "Santa Claus is coming to town" and dancing around the living room during the song Put One Foot in Front of the Other. My dad in particular loves that song -- he says it's about the sacrament of Confession and the Christian vocation. And dancing around the living room is always fun. :)


Frank and Matt were incredibly helpful with the Christmas tree set-up. We went to a tree farm, and the boys took care of every step of the process: they sawed the tree down, carried it to the car, roped it to the roof, re-cut it at the house, carried it inside, and screwed it into its base in the living room.

He might not look it in this picture, but Dad was happy as could be to have all that help. With six daughters, normally he has to do every bit of it himself.

This year, he had two strong, able and willing helpers to do the job for him.

After the extra help this year, I don't think he'll ever be able to go back! Luckily I think these guys are here to stay. :)


On Saturday afternoon I came home to find that Caroline was giving her dog, Skippy, a much-needed bath...

... in the kitchen sink.

She sat him down in a disposable aluminum pan to be thoroughly scrubbed.

I thought it was the funniest thing ever, but apparently she does this regularly.

I guess it makes sense when your puppy is hardly bigger than a squirrel!


There was one scary moment this Thanksgiving weekend: on Friday morning, my dad and Joseph got in a car accident on their way to play football with friends.

Poor Joseph was very upset when we got there -- his chin was bleeding badly and he was scared. Once we calmed him down, though, he admitted that it was "the most fun thing all weekend" to watch all the tow trucks and police cars. Frank said, "There's the ten-year-old boy!"

Joseph ended up needing six stitches in his chin. He offered it up like a champ for all the babies we pray for. He didn't cry -- even during the stitches -- and by the end of it he was smiling.

I love that little man so much and I'm so happy he's going to be in our wedding. He is just the best little brother there ever could be. Every time I come home he gives me a back massage, and sometimes he even agrees to some snuggling. I treasure these days when he's still willing to snuggle with his big sister -- pretty soon he'll be too cool for that.

Being with my family over Thanksgiving was so good. I'm already getting excited to go home for Christmas!

What were the highlights -- or the "funny" and "real" moments -- of your Thanksgiving?

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  1. Lovely post. I do think sons-in-law are a great blessing to dads! Ours are, and I see your dad is happy too!

    1. Thank you, Leila! Yes, my parents couldn't be more excited about adding a few guys to the family. It's amazing how helpful guys can be when they're with their in-laws (although hopefully they're equally helpful with their own family too - but somehow they seem more eager with the in-laws!)

      I'm honored you stopped by to read - I really love your blog and share posts from it with my fiance all the time. Thanks for commenting!