Friday, December 7, 2012

Seven Quick Takes: Things I Want to Remember

— 1 —

Yesterday my friend Nick posted this on Facebook: "As it is the feast day of my namesake saint, St. Nicholas, and he reportedly punched the heretic Arius, I have decided that in his honor I too will punch a heretic... Anybody know a heretic?" Ha!

All the funny St. Nick's stuff on Facebook yesterday had me laughing. This meme was my favorite:

So... I didn't even realize it was the Feast of St. Nicholas yesterday until I got to work -- somehow putting candy in shoes is less of a priority without kids in the house! Hopefully Frank and I will have little ones in the next few years, though, and when we do I plan to steal some of these great ideas from AnaHaley and Lindsay.

— 2 —

Have you seen the Most Powerful Images of 2012? I'm enthralled and slightly obsessed. My favorites are 7, 33, and 44... and some of the others definitely had me tearing up. Which are your favorites?


— 3 —

I found out about this video series in a recent email from my alma mater. I really appreciate Notre Dame's efforts to embrace its Catholic intellectual tradition, and these videos look GREAT. Can't wait to watch them all!

— 4 —

Speaking of Notre Dame, have you heard of the Edith Stein Project? It's the single best conference on campus, every year. If you are interested in the Theology of the Body, human sexuality, femininity, masculinity, vocations to marriage or religious life -- heck, if you're just interested in being human -- and you're in the area, consider attending. You won't regret it.

— 5 —

I've been enjoying this daily Home Tour series on Mattie's cute blog Somethings, and this post about a couple's "First Married Christmas" made me think of Frank and me. That will be us next year. Can't wait!

— 6 —

You've probably already heard about Verily magazine (greatest thing to hit women's magazines since ... the invention of women's magazines). This photo and quote from their blog really struck a chord:


Verily has a great blog, by the way, and is always looking for new writers. Ladies, interested in freelance writing? Submit a post to Verily!

— 7 —

I was tooling around looking for some Advent reflections online when I stumbled on this little video about faith in your 20s ... featuring a girl I know from home! What a small world.

Then I found this video about the Year of Faith and what it means to young people, and well, it made my day. I'm going to keep a look-out for the rest of the videos in the "Faith at 20" series.

Thanks for reading! Head over to Jen's blog for all the others.


  1. #4 - now you have me SO EXCITED! Edith Stein is my girl - and as a doctoral student in theology, planning to write my dissertation on Theology of the Body, now I am stoked! Thank you for sharing this! Happy Advent!

    1. Christine, that's awesome! Had you heard about the conference before?

      Maybe you can present your research there this year or next - sounds like it would be a perfect fit!

  2. Tess,
    I'm an ND graduate of the ACE program. Catholic world is so small. :) Also, I just finished reading Brideshead Revisited. Loved, loved, loved. I enjoyed your quick takes!

    1. Colleen, thank you so much!

      That's so cool you did ACE! What a small world. Several of my friends are in their second year of the ACE program now, and as an undergrad I lived in Badin Hall, where the ACE office is located (although that might be a new location since you did it).

      So glad you loved Brideshead - I find myself talking about that book so often, it's just so good. The only down side is it's spoiled the name Sebastian for me (formerly a favorite).

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Tess, you have a great site. Really. I'm a book lover too and I'm going to nose through your archives. Also, I have a soft spot in my heart for Sebastian...I say keep the name an option!

      Brideshead was recommended to me by a priest friend and boy, was I blessed by his recommendation.

  3. I can't wait for First Married Christmas either! Actually, I'm really looking forward to Married Advent, since I've been ridiculously lax with traditions this year (I didn't even buy myself chocolate for St. Nicholas Day).

    1. haha, me either! Probably the most lax St. Nick's day I've ever had.

      I completely agree about Married Advent. Frank and I have all these noble intentions of doing Advent prayers and readings every night, but when you don't live in the same house and one of you is studying for law school finals (and the other is a social butterfly who stays out til all hours), it's really hard to stick to. I think it will be a lot easier next year. Married Advent sounds like so much fun!

    2. Alright, what else do we have in common besides law student fiances and our shared wedding date? :-P

    3. Holly Klejeski!! What are you doing here on my blog?! ;)

      Wait... don't tell me you have a blog too?! That would be a true "twin" moment for us.

      Oh, I thought of another one: we both wore teal dresses for our engagement photo shoots! (Something tells me this list could go on forever!)

  4. Yes indeed (I don't know why my comments showed up under two different-looking names, though), blog and all!

    I'll stop sidetracking your comment box here, but your save the date - which I saw since I share a mailbox with Mary D. - is super cute!

    1. Thank you! I'm so excited to have you reading my blog now. :)

  5. Oh my stars- I didn't see that St Nick meme! I'm dying! Hi-larious.

    Is it wrong if I feel like the most powerful images of 2012 is kind of cheating? Come on, 2012 isn't even over yet. Lame!

    1. I hadn't thought of that, but good point. Plenty more exciting things could still happen in 2012! Seems a bit presumptuous of them to make the list before 2012 is even over.