Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weekend Recap

Sooo... the national championship game. Never to be discussed again. All I will say is it felt like freshman year (I was in "the losingest class in Notre Dame history"... a dubious honor). 

I spent the game making silly comments like, "Right now I can't stand anyone who has a Facebook status about something other than Notre Dame football!" and "[So-and-so] isn't rooting for Notre Dame??? He is dead to me!" So that made me feel a tad better. :P

Yeah... instead of thinking about football, let's talk about the weekend!

This weekend was almost all business. We got long overdue eye exams (we're both getting new glasses!) and had a marriage prep meeting. It was wonderful. Picking a good priest for marriage prep is a total game-changer. We learn so much from him, and we leave each meeting energized and excited to build a great marriage. 

And the highlight of our weekend? Dinner with our newlywed friends John and Becca!

John was Frank's first roommate when he moved to Virginia for law school. They loved living together and have so many great stories from that time—everything from getting Frank through a rough break-up to the time they fried a whopping 3 pounds of bacon for study food for finals.

They always have so much fun when they hang out. It's great to see them together.

Becca and I met through the guys and bonded quickly. She has a huge heart and when we get together we always have a lot to talk about.

John and Becca just got married last month. We were so sad we had to miss their wedding, but Frank had two finals that day, and the wedding was in Texas. We loved hearing all about it. They told us the same thing everyone says: "The wedding day is just a happy blur. You won't remember any of it." Someone remind me of that the week before the wedding.

We took them to one of our favorite restaurants in DC, Sticky Rice. Sticky Rice is sort of a "hidden treasure," and as Frank says, "makes me feel like a hipster" when we go there. Frank loves that place. He introduced it to me before we even started dating. 

Our favorite food there is the "bucket of tots" appetizer—tons of tots with their super secret (and super amazing) sauce. They also have a great mix of sushi (which I love and Frank doesn't) and more Frank-friendly dishes like Chicken Sesame and Mongolian Beef. Basically, there's something for everyone.

It was great catching up with John and Becca and great hitting up Sticky Rice again. We hadn't been there in forever!

How was your weekend? Can I still ask that on a Wednesday? :)


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Congrats to John and Becca!

    1. Thanks Iris! Aren't they darling? I just LOVE talking to newly married friends... not only do I get wedding/marriage advice, but I love seeing how cute they are together!


  2. The Game!!! It killed me. I confess, I had to go to bed (I couldn't stand the a-- whipping) but my husband watched till the bitter end. Sigh.

    Glad your wedding prep went well.

    God bless you!

    1. haha! Agreed. I tuned out after the first quarter and instead read a bunch of mommy blogs to console myself (kind of a funny way to lift your spirits, but it always works for me!).

      Thank you, and God bless you and your family too!

  3. Gah, Tess, you're so gorgeous! You're going to be such a BEAUTIFUL bride.

    Just a few more months!

    1. Clare, thank you so much, and I would definitely say the same to you! I already can't wait for the spate of wedding photos to hit the blogosphere!

      Yes, it's getting so close! Are you staying pretty calm or getting worried about all the details? I try so hard to do the former but I have to admit I occasionally slip into the latter... but I keep reminding myself to do what a married friend told me and entrust it all to Our Lady of the Wedding Feast of Cana. If anyone is going to take care of all the little details, she will!

      Best of luck to you with your wedding planning!

  4. I was at the game.'Nuff said. But everything leading up to it was awesome!

    1. In spite of how it turned out, I still say you lucky duck!!! :) It looked like the most fun weekend ever! How many times in your life will you be able to say you saw Notre Dame play in the National Championship?

      Miss you darling! Say hi to Waddick's for me. :)