Monday, August 5, 2013

House Becoming Home

Frank and I finally opened our joint bank account on Saturday. We had been putting it off because of the bar exam. What a great feeling!

We also got new phones on Saturday—our first time having smart phones, and iPhones to boot. I'm so excited to discover the seemingly-magical world of iPhones. I've already been a lot more active on instagram since getting the phones (my username is tessciv if you want to follow :) ). Any favorite apps to recommend?

Most of my photos will probably be from my iPhone instead of my camera from now on. Ironically that probably means they'll be better quality—my camera is a dinosaur.

On Saturday night we babysat for my parents and had Joseph and Angela over for a sleepover. They were so excited.

I love this age. A little sassy, but so sweet and eager to help.

They gladly borrowed our slightly-too-big-for-them aprons and did the dishes:

Best helpers ever.

They got into our books while Frank and I were finishing up cooking:

This photo is awful and blurry, but it's my favorite picture of the night. Because you can see a tiny glimpse of the home I'm trying to create. Shelves of books, a map on the wall, the red couch I've wanted since I was a little girl, and a family learning and growing together. It's still very much a work in progress, but I love seeing how we're getting a little closer to it, day by day. (And I love that we get to borrow those two little ones to be a part of it every now and then.)


  1. Ah, your home is looking so sweet! Those full bookshelves make me smile.

    God bless! ♥

  2. Your home is coming along beautifully! Some apps I love are instagram, Laudate, The Pope App, Word on Fire, and of course, Pinterest!

    1. Thanks, Deanna! Those apps sound fantastic. I'll look them up!