Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sunday at Cantigny

Have you ever been to Cantigny? It used to be the estate of Col. Robert McCormick (founder of the Chicago Tribune and something of a Chicago legend) but now it's a museum with beautiful gardens.

I've loved visiting there since I was a little girl. We even thought about having the wedding there at one point. It was such a delight to take Frank there for the first time.

First we hit up the First Division Museum. It's one of the best history museums I've ever seen and really makes military history come alive.

Frank was so impressed and said it would be a great place to take homeschooling kids for a history lesson (in case any moms out there are looking for ideas!). 

After that we walked around the gardens and climbed on the giant tanks out front. I'm not the most coordinated person so I was really proud I made it up all the tanks ... although I'm pretty sure my family almost died laughing at my attempts.

The Rose Garden was stunning. I kept thinking it would have been a great place for wedding photos.

My dad's parents are in town already for Lillian's wedding this weekend. It's always good to have them here, but it's difficult to see how bad my grandpa's memory is getting as his Alzheimer's progresses. He says odd things and all we can really do is laugh and carry on. But I think Grandma enjoys these little vacations and having other people around to help keep an eye on him.

We found this little pedestal in one of the gardens and we enjoyed a good 5 minutes of Angela and Joseph pretending to be Greek statues. The best pose of the day:

So dramatic. :)

Finally we stopped in the gift shop—of course. I never buy stuff at gift shops but I love looking at everything they sell.

There was a beautiful display of blue and white china that made me think of Katrina and her cute iPhone case. If I were going to buy, that pretty teapot would've been top of my list.

There is so much else I want to post about. Our wedding day deserves its own post, and I'm afraid my statute of limitations has just about run out for posting about our honeymoon in Italy. Not to mention there's the love story I started and never finished. My mind is so crammed with blog posts, but finding the time to write them down—beyond short and simple ones that are mostly pictures—is hard to come by these days. I really don't know how blogger moms like Grace and Haley manage to keep up their posting—it's impressive to say the least.

I'll keep writing what I can, and if you're hoping to see posts about those things, I promise they'll come eventually. If you're not (and most of you probably aren't), then just carry on. :)


  1. Ooo, the gardens look beautiful! I'll have to put it on my list of "places to check out in Chicago!"

  2. Looks like such fun! You two are such a cute couple. God bless! ♥

  3. I love that picture of you kissing Frank's cheek! Totally frame-worthy.

    Hey, it's your blog, and it's never too late to blog about anything you want to. And if you don't feel like it, that works too. That's the beauty of it!

  4. Such fun pictures! I'm praying for your grandfather and your family. God bless! <3

  5. I'm terrible at blogging regularly, so I will not judge you in the least if you take extra time to write about your wedding day, honeymoon, etc. I look forward to you sharing your memories with us!

    I was actually wondering if you were going to continue writing about your love story. No pressure, I just think it's fun to read real life love stories. :)

    Write about whatever you wish, my dear, or simply post pictures. It's up to you!

    1. Thanks Cassie :) The stories will all come out eventually, I'm sure, and in the meantime I'll just keeping posting what I can.

  6. Cute photos. It looks cold in Chicago, though! Scarfs in August! Woa!

    1. Eh, it's actually pretty warm out; 70s most days. I just tend to be cold all the time. :P