Thursday, August 8, 2013

The prettiest, cutest iPhone 5 cases you ever did see

So Frank and I got iPhones last week (our first smartphones. I've been giving thanks ever since!).

Pretty much the first thing Frank said to me was, "You need to get a case for that thing." Clumsiness is most definitely my strong suit.

The cases at the Verizon store ranged from ugly to terrible so I decided I'd buy my iPhone case online. I wanted to get something beeyooooouuutiful.

I did a bunch of research and narrowed it down to a few favorites. In case you're in the market for a phone case, here are the best ones I found:

Almond branches in bloom // GelaSkins // $34.95

London // Cath Kidston // $20 (Limited time only)

The Accolade // Zazzle // $47.95
 Daydream of Evening // Zazzle // $50.95

Artist's Garden at Giverny // GelaSkins // $34.95

 Hello sunshine // Kate Spade // $40

Linen Sprig // Cath Kidston // $28 (Limited time only)

And now, if you're in a guessing mood ... which one do you think I finally bought (after subjecting Frank to a loooong conversation about the pros and cons of each)?

Answer after the jump. :)

It was a tough call, but I finally settled on the London case from Cath Kidston, since I studied abroad in London and have family that lives there. And you can't beat that price.


  1. I am drooling over the Kate Spade case! My mother used to sing You Are My Sunshine to me and I love it.
    The London case is very you.

  2. Those cases are all so lovely! I probably wouldn't ever be able to decide. :) I just have a plain black case for my smartphone


  3. I got lucky and found the cutest case for my iphone 4s when I upgraded. It's lovely! You have excellent taste. I hope you enjoy your phone and super cute case. :)

  4. Tess, your new case is adorable! I must admit that I have a simple black Otter Box but have been dying to get my iPhone into something a bit most stylish than what it is currently wearing! hehe The main reason may have more to do with me being a klutzes and my iPhone is all to familiar with a drop on the floor. ♥Becca

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