Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

What a weekend!

Frank and I got up "bright and early" around 10 am on Saturday for the St. Patrick's Day parade downtown. We got to the parade route around 11:15 and found a great spot, right up close.

We loved seeing and hearing the many bagpipers (kilts required, of course)...

... and the Irish dancers. So many cute little dancing kids! That got Frank started on one of his favorite topics—how all of our children will take Irish dance lessons. He has it all planned out with our good friends Anna and John that our kids will study Irish dance together, and we parents will make up drinking games for their recitals. (Yeah right. :P )

The Blues Brothers made an appearance, which was fabulous. They're a Chicago classic!

The most inexplicable appearance was from the Ghost Busters. Why were they there? Who knows. But they were awesome.

After the parade, we trekked over to the Chicago River to witness the legendary St. Paddy's Day green.

It was my first time seeing it, despite growing up in Chicago! Crossing that one off the bucket list.

Frank insisted we get a photo for the baby book. Because Baby needs to know how cool its parents are. (Again, yeah right.)

Frank gets so excited about St. Patrick's Day, especially for only being half Irish. Listening to him talk about Irish history, you would think that he personally fought at the Post Office with Eamon de Valera and Michael Collins. In fact, he is always trying to convince me that Eamon or "Michael Colin" would make a great baby name. In preparation for St. Patrick's Day, he insisted we watch one of his favorite Irish movies, The Wind that Shakes the Barley. Have you seen it? It's really sad, but it gave some good insight into Irish history.

After our day downtown, we went home to rest for a while, and then spent the evening at our favorite Irish pub Molly Malone's. Our friend John (same John from earlier) is part of an Irish folk band, and they were performing there that night. John might be the only American I know who loves Ireland as much as Frank does. Anna and I get a kick out of listening to the two of them talk, trading favorite stories about the awesomeness that is Ireland. The four of us love to daydream about someday taking a couples' trip to the Emerald Isle.

Anna and me at Molly Malone's
The occasion of St. Paddy's Day couldn't pass without a little more celebrating on Sunday. More about that tomorrow!


  1. How fun!! I didn't even know they made the river green... ~ Country Girl's Daybook: recently, http://bit.ly/1iWH1OA

    1. Isn't it neat? Such a unique way to celebrate!

  2. The more you talk about Frank, the more I think how awesome he sounds! I totally back him up on the Irish dancing lessons - I did it for a while when I was about 7. I stopped because I have two left feet (!) but it is so much fun - but I loved it, and the dresses are BEAUTIFUL (the traditional ones - the garish modern ones, not so much). I also love "The Wind the Shakes the Barley" - incredibly sad and pretty heartwrenching - that wasn't a pretty moment in our history - but well worth a watch. You know, Frank sounds more Irish then I am!

    1. Meabh, that might just be the greatest compliment he's ever received. He will be THRILLED to hear you say that. :) I hope some day you guys will get to meet—I'm sure you would have so much to talk about!

  3. Oh my gosh, I never imagined the rive would be that green! How do they do that!!?!