Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Best and easiest pie crust recipe ever

I used to think that the most intimidating part of making pie from scratch is the crust. The filling is easy, but for some reason, pie crust recipes always seem so complicated and easy to mess up. That's how I felt until my sister sent me this recipe, which is unbelievably easy and turns out delicious every time. The best part? You don't need to buy anything for it, because I bet all the ingredients are already in your pantry.


2 cups flour
Pinch of Salt
Canola or vegetable oil

1. Combine pinch of salt in bowl with flour.
2. Fill measuring cup with 2/3 cup of oil.
3. Add 1/3 cup of VERY COLD water to measuring cup, and rapidly mix oil and water with fork for about 1 minute (until creamy).
4. Pour into the flour and combine immediately.  Do not over-mix or dough will be tough.
5. Roll out.

Makes enough for a 2 crust pie.



  1. Sounds easy enough. I'll have to give it a try!

  2. Yes sounds really easy. But, what if the part you really hate is the rolling out? Oh my gosh, I hate rolling out dough! I'm going to write this down for my receipe box but I think I might still be using the already rolled out pillsbury pie crust. They are very good. The trade off is you have to pre plan and remember to purchase them!

  3. Tess! (Let me just hop into parenthesis really quick to tell you what a cute little guy you have there! Makes me miss my first being so little.....he was/is a brown-eyed boy too. Precious.) I tried your pie crust when I made a blueberry pie the other day, and it certainly was easy to mix up! And it was nice and flaky! My only complaints would be:

    It really gave me a time when I went to roll it out.....I actually went back to check the recipe twice just to make sure I had gotten the right amounts of ice water and oil. I floured up my rolling pin and everything. Maybe it was just me.

    It was just a bit scantier than I like. I wouldn't have had enough crust to work in my deep dish pie pan.

    It was nice and flaky, but the flavor wasn't nearly close to a butter crust(.........and I honestly didn't expect it to be. Canola oil just can't compare to good old fashioned butter!)

    So, I wanted to share with you what I have found to be the best pie crust this side of the Milky Way;) ( I am just a teeny bit qualified to make that statement, as I was the lucky gal who got to make the pie crusts in our family. I was the only daughter and mom hated making pie crusts. Especially around Thanksgiving when we would make tons.....and I mean TONS......of pie. I hated making it too, but she didn't find out about that until after I was married. It was all good. Character building and all that sort of thing. My daughters will have it easy........but I digress....) This recipe is fool proof! And it rolls out like a dream every single time! It does have butter, an egg, vinegar( I prefer apple cider vinegar), and sugar........so a few extra ingredients, but frankly, we always have plenty of them all on hand at our house. They are necessities of life! And it makes a very generous amount of crust! A deep dish pie is no problem. Or you can make a little tart on the side. Or freeze it to use later. And the flavor is wonderful. Flaky, buttery, perfection. Okay, enough. Here is the recipe:

    4 cups of flour (I'll make 1/4 to a 1/2 cup of it whole wheat b/c that's the kind of person I am;)
    1 3/4 cups of butter (3.5 sticks)
    4 Tbs. granulated sugar
    2 tsp. salt.
    1 egg
    1 Tbs. vinegar (As I think I mentioned, I prefer apple cider vinegar)
    1/2 cup ice water

    I throw the flour, butter (cut into roughly Tbs. sized pats), sugar, and salt into my heavy duty mixer on medium low speed until blended. (I have heard of people also using a food processor.....or you could do it the old fashioned way and cut it in.) In a separate bowl, beat together the egg, vinegar, and water. Add to the flour mixture and blend (again, I use my mixer) just until it all clumps up together. Divide in two portions, wrap in plastic, and flatten into disks. Chill for about 15 min. , and then you are ready to roll!
    You must try it Tess, I know you will love it. If not, I guess I'll eat my crust........And enjoy every bite;) But I know you'll love it.


  4. I can't wait to try this! I want to try it out with a quiche...