Friday, August 8, 2014

3 months

Well technically Frankie turned 3 months on Sunday, but I'm just now getting around to writing this today.

Whoever said babies get easier at 3 months (and "whoever" in this case is literally everyone I've ever talked to) was on to something. The chaos seems to be settling down and life is more predictable.

In honor of his three months, I took a bunch of photos of the little man, nicely staged on a blanket outside, and he just would. not. look. at the camera. He wouldn't smile. Nothing.

So finally I gave up, came inside, put him down on a blanket for tummy time... and BAM. He gave me the cutest little look and there it was, the perfect photo of Frankie at this age.

I was going to write 3 favorite things about Frankie at 3 months, but there are way too many to pick just three. I love our changing table conversations, when he gets really chatty and vocal while I change his diaper. I love how he'll lie in his crib making "ahhhhh" and "ohhhh" and "ehhh" sounds softly to himself, what we call "practicing his vowels." I love how he laughs when we tickle his belly. I love how, when he likes someone, he gives them this huge, goofy, open-mouth grin, and drools at them. I love his complicated relationship with Sophie the Giraffe (he loves her and is also a little scared of her). I love how, if I smile at him while he's nursing, he'll get distracted and will stop eating to giggle at me. He is just the sweetest and happiest little guy.

I've heard that a baby's personality around this age is the same personality he'll always have, and that makes me really happy, because his personality is as cheerful and laid-back as they come. We definitely have our fair share of "please just go to sleep already" and "why the heck are you crying" moments, and some parts of life with a baby are just never going to be fun (changing diapers = shoot me), but overall he is almost exactly like a live, snuggly teddy bear. And cuddling him is practically my full-time job.


  1. he loves her and is also a little scared of her - his relationship with every significant woman in his life

    1. This made me literally LOL. :P And also - yes. So true.

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    1. Thanks Iris! It's crazy how this really feels like such an accomplishment.