Thursday, July 23, 2009

It Ain't Really Happening

I've spent the past few weeks teaching summer school in the Bronx.

The students here are girls in grades 4-7. They're not only really sweet kids, they've definitely got that "street smart" thing down. You should hear them say "I'm from the Bronx" with that cool New York accent.

I was hoping this would be my chance to really become cool. You know, their sweet street cred would rub off on me. Something like that.

Except, yeah... it ain't really happening.

Today some of the girls decided that I really need to learn how to hula hoop. They were pretty shocked I didn't know how already.

I know you would never guess, but I'm the one in the pink Ann Taylor dress and white Nordstrom wedges.

See Kendra? In the neon blue bermuda shorts? That chickie really knows how to hula hoop. She can go for 5, 10 minutes, easy. She can even walk at the same time. That's why I picked her to be my teacher.

Meanwhile, my personal record is 10 seconds before the hoop clanks to the ground.

The girls were great about teaching me. They stood around cheering me on.

But sometimes they couldn't hide their pity for my lack of moves. See that look of disdain Chris-ann is giving me?

Then they found out I can't catch. They got all excited about teaching me.

I didn't have the heart to tell them I'm as bad at sports as I was when I took remedial P.E. In the 4th grade.

My street cred is not looking too good.

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