Sunday, January 24, 2010

Family Day

At home, Sunday is Family Day. My parents were always strict about that.

Here in London, all my traditions are gone. No Sunday night Rosary, squished with my sister Cathy into our favorite armchair? No Sunday morning brunch at Emmy's, where they know us by name? At least at school I can call them. Here they are so far away.

Today I went to Mass with my roommates and my dear friend Joey. After Mass, the priest came up to greet us.

"What a lovely family," the priest said as he shook Joey's hand. "Where are you from?"

"We're students at Notre Dame," Joey said, and we all introduced ourselves.

We stopped for coffee on the way home and we talked about it.

"Wasn't it funny that the priest thought we were a family?" I said.

"We are, kind of," Joey said. "The Notre Dame family."

Cafe Nero instead of Emmy's and Farm Street Church instead of my parish? It might not be Chicago, but Sunday is still Family Day.

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