Thursday, January 7, 2010

See you soon!

I just watched this beautiful movie. It's a series of different stories about Paris and the people who live there. Warning: It is quite disturbing at times, with some strange (think vampire love sequence) and very sad images. But a few of the stories were everything one could ask for.

The best parts of this movie, for me, were the scenes of Parisian landmarks and tableaux. Shots of a tree-lined rue (that is how you say street right? My French is a bit spotty) or of the huge traffic circle around the Bastille monument seem quintessentially Parisian, while the panorama shot from atop the Tour Eiffel is breathtaking. I kept thinking, "Soon I will be there, in Paris!"

In the meantime, I am attending a conference on Friendship for the next couple days. I probably won't have much access to the internet, so see ya Saturday!

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