Friday, March 26, 2010

Being A Woman

Girl time is better with scones and hot chocolate

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Every time I go online, I do the following: check my email, then read the latest from Nie Nie, C Jane, and Pioneer Woman. These three women inspire me, and often I think about what they wrote for some time. Today C Jane wrote about being a woman, about the unique power and privilege inherent in being a Daughter of God. She writes, "There are forces at work designed to turn woman against woman in an effort to completely destroy the massive amount of good we can do when united. But I also know that I feel the strongest as a woman, when I am helping another woman, or being helped by another woman."

I once got to interview a United Nations diplomat for my school newspaper. I have never forgotten what that wise, elegant, and beautiful woman said to me: "Men have been [working towards peace] for centuries. Women could do it as well, if not better. Give it to the women and see what they can do." Like C Jane, Gillian Sorenson recognized that women have a uniquely feminine ability to nurture communities and build peace.

Today my aunt Gloria, another wise woman who inspires me, shared some of her thoughts on being a mother. "I never realized the special power of the female body to comfort and calm, just by touch, until I had children," she said. Her body and physical presence heal and strengthen her babies in a way that her husband's does not, as much as they love him. It is woman's special gift to nourish others and bond people together, often without even speaking.

I am inspired by Nie Nie, C Jane, Ree, my aunt Gloria, my wonderful mother, and so many other good women, and I hope I do the same for other women too. I believe that is how we will build a civilization of love, what some call "the springtime of the Gospel." Women working together, instead of letting petty differences tear us apart, to create a world with more unity than division, more kindness than cruelty. A world a little better than the one we were born to. The kind of world we want our children to have. That is what women can accomplish. That is what we are called to do. And God willing, we can begin today.


  1. "Her body and physical presence heal and strengthen her babies"

    What a lovely post!

  2. Thank you! It is amazing what women are capable of, isn't it?