Sunday, March 14, 2010

Home again, home again!

My whirlwind romp through Europe is over, and I am back "home" in London, safe and sound, minus a few dollars from that dang Easyjet. Highway robbery, I tell you!

Here are a few tips I picked up on my travels:

Don't go to Berlin. But if you must go, find the tropical-themed Slumberland bar, where they have sand on the floor and they serve passion-fruit beer in coconut shells. Berlin does have its good points. For example, the Berlin police are my heroes. Also they have wonderful operas (we saw Faust) and the view from the Reichstag dome is breathtaking.

Go to Prague. Order a "smazeny syr" (fried cheese sandwich) from a street vendor and tell him "dekuji" (thank you). Then march up to see the magnificent St. Vitus Cathedral (pictures to come!), taking in the art galleries and book shops along the way, and end your day at the U Fleku restaurant, where they serve traditional Czech goulash and the most delicious Czech beer.

Athens is a dream. The city itself is rather dirty, with almost as much graffiti and litter as Berlin, but ancient ruins lurk around every corner. Mountains line the horizon. Greek food is delicious, and any good "taverna" (restaurant) offers it cheap and plentiful. I climbed the Acropolis one day, and sat on the hill where St. Paul preached to watch the sun set. That is a sight I will never forget.

Will you be traveling to Europe any time soon, or do you live there, or just enjoying my stories?

Happy Travels, The Book Girl

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