Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My British Cousins

My little cousin Tatiana goes to Queen's Gate School, a prestigious school in the posh neighborhood of Kensington. They had a Parents' Day and my aunt invited me to attend. I loved seeing what British kids are learning about!

Tatiana was sooo excited to see me - that's a great feeling isn't it?
Showing off her work.

Those British kiddies are cultured. They were reading Shakespeare at age 9, and the 7-year-olds made a model of Queen Victoria's playroom. I didn't even know who Queen Victoria was when I was 7!

Tatiana's class had to write down all about their "mummies" (mommies): "What makes my mummy happy?" "What is my mummy good at doing?" Tatiana wrote that "What makes my mummy sad" is "leaving behind her family in America." I knew just what she meant. Especially with all this volcanic madness, I am worried about how I will get home.

But as it so happens, I have a family here too. A lovely family who lets me crash at their apartment for the few hours before catching a 3 am bus to the airport. Two little cousins who I sing to sleep, an aunt who shares my Cuban blood and love for ice cream, and a Russian uncle who is the best cook in the world. They were in Spain, and they get home tomorrow. I missed them!


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  2. Tatiana is a sweet full of life little girl..Your family sound...sane and interesting. Praise God for them..
    Worry about nothing, God has you in the palm of His hand and loves you.
    Romans 8:38-39