Monday, May 3, 2010

People I Love

This semester has been a weird one for me. None of my close friends came to London with me, and I was separated from Lillian for the longest stretch yet. Here is who I have spent time with instead:
Meet Joey, my best friend. He is a PLS major from Pittsburgh and is the most practical, matter-of-fact guy I've ever met.

We have exactly opposite views on everything: I hate Euripides' The Bacchae with unequaled passion, while it's his favorite PLS book. I love epic poetry like Dante and Homer, he thinks it's over-rated. I pick vanilla where he likes chocolate. But somehow we get along fine.

 Meet Sam. He went to Trivium high school, one of the weirdest and coolest high schools I've heard of, and he loved it. He is a very good listener and he makes me laugh.

Meet John, who has appeared on this blog before. John's a genius, and so quiet and laid-back. When we are together, I usually talk his ear off. He thinks I am insane. It's a delightful relationship.

Love, Tess


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  2. You are ridiculous and a liar. I like chocolate WAY more than vanilla.

    P.S. I really like that picture. I just made it my facebook profile pic.

  3. HAHA nice response Joey. Sorry, I couldn't think of a good example of something you and I disagree on besides The Bacchae, even though it usually seems like we never agree on anything...

  4. Haha, this is what I call a false opposite. Like people who say "we're SUCH opposites, he loves hiking but I like sailing," when they're both people who love the outdoors. ;)

  5. Jo, I think you have a really good point - Joey and I both love reading the great books, writing, thinking, and discussing, and the exact books we prefer really isn't that big a difference.