Friday, April 16, 2010

Summer Plans

John Gallagher and I. I'll be honest, I'm mostly posting this picture because I like how I look in it.

I grew up going to tiny, Catholic schools with old-fashioned morals and what my dad calls "sound doctrine." There were 9 kids in my 8th grade class at the school my mom founded (because she is brave like that), and 28 in my year at my all-girls high school. Our brother school had twice that many guys, which sure made for a good time, but that's a whole 'nother story.

When I got to college I discovered to my complete shock (why was I so shocked?) that the little enclave of Traditional Catholics (or Trad Cats, if you will) where I grew up is not alone. There are tight communities of Trad Cats all over America - and, I am now discovering, all over the world. Communities of people who believe what I believe and try to live it faithfully.

I'm working in New York City this summer (does anyone know of a place I can live?) and I don't know many people out on the East Coast. Who will I hang out with on weekends? But then I discovered that my friend John (pictured above - see, the photo *does* serve a purpose!) lives in Rhode Island, and he goes sailing on the weekends with his 12 siblings. First I invited myself over. Then I came up with my new plan: infiltrating Trad Cat communities everywhere I travel, one family at a time. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Wish me luck, The Book Girl


  1. And don't you love how all these Trad Cat (I like that!) communities are interconnected! Guaranteed when you meet a Trad Cat, you will know several people in common. And I love your plan to infiltrate! That's basically how I made all my friends.

    I see the family resemblance to Mary and Eileen!

    I'm on the East Coast so you can see me. I'll be in NY in August.

  2. Ruth, how do you know Mary and Eileen again? Such a small world! I'm so glad you will be on the East Coast. We will definitely have to hang out, and I am pre-emptively inviting myself over to visit some weekend if you will have me! :)

  3. I know Mary from Boston through the Trivium crowd and Eileen was in Rome with us. You can absolutely some visit - Boston in June/July and Long Island in August. And I'll come into the city to see you.

    P.S. I'm in DC and I saw Megan and Liz today!

  4. I think there is truth to this.......

    "Before his elevation to the papacy, Cardinal Ratzinger remarked in passing that the future of the Church may rest not with the familiar institution of today but with “small convinced communities” reminiscent of those in the decades after Pentecost. This is how the smart money is now betting."

    from http://www.thecatholicthing.org/content/view/3175/2/

  5. I may not be a Trad Cat, but you and Lilly can hang out with me any time you like.

  6. Ruth, I completely agree. It's the new evangelization!

    Trevor, we most def will be seeing you all the time. Can't wait!