Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Best Birthday Ever

Ok so the whole "Reasons I Like Being Single" thing was fun and all but I'm bored with it now. Hello, Tess's ADD. Also it occurred to me that maybe dwelling on why I like being single is a little... much. So enough of that. Instead I present to you... My Wonderful Birthday Weekend (yes folks, I'm 21 now!!)

Friday night I went to the Western-themed dance. Maggie did my hair and make-up, Lillian lent me a shirt and Katherine next door lent me turquoise cowboy boots. The group effort paid off and I had a crazy good time. Here I am with my fabulous date, Sam:

Don't we look divine? Here I am with by bff Shannon before the dance, at the pre-dance party in Katherine's room.

 We kind of look like lumberjacks... but cute lumberjacks. :)

I spent Saturday with my family. Mama Book Smart came to visit me with three of my little sisters. We had lunch at fancy schmancy Sorin's restaurant, our annual tradition, and then they helped me unpack winter clothes in my room (by "helped" I mean my mama folded clothes while the 3 little ones got in the way). Then I took them to the LaFortune candy wall and my littlest sister thought she'd died and gone to Heaven. A normal reaction to massive quantities of candy, I think.

Sunday was my utterly fabulous 21st birthday garden party. It was everything a garden party ought to be. We had champagne flutes with a raspberry floating in each, chocolate cake, vanilla rum cake, scones and tiny finger sandwiches with frilly toothpicks. Not to mention strawberries and cream. The inimitable Coco Chanel once said, "Every girl should be two things: classy and fabulous." Well honey, I fulfilled that maxim to my classiest, most fabulous best. 

Me with my hat, my sundress, my heels and a bottle of champagne.

Yes indeed, it was everything a birthday should be.

Perfectly happy, Tess


  1. Why Tess, thanks. I do so try to achieve fabulousness in all that I do.

  2. hahaha I did not expect you to see this. But yes, Sam, I would say that on a scale of one to fabulous, you are absolutely at the top.