Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dancin' Fools; or, I Am A Matchmaker

Friday night is the Badin Hall dance with our brother dorm, Dillon. I asked my friend Sam (a Dillonite) to go with me about 3 weeks ago because he's a skilled swing dancer, he's funny and sweet, and there's a $2 discount if you go with a Dillon guy. Score!

Sam's room looks out on the quad so sometimes when I'm walking past, I like to stop and harrass him and his lovable roommate Dan through their window, which is always open. Depending on my mood, I either yell "Yo Sam! Dan!" or I start singing Disney songs as I approach. On occasion Lillian and I harmonize to "Can you feel the love tonight?" The boys just love it, I tell ya.

So last night, as I stood by their window, Sam and Dan weren't responding to my operatic tones. Never disheartened, my friend Shannon and I went up to visit Sam's neighbors, Jack and Blair, instead.

Shannon and I in London. Who says pictures have to be relevant to the post?

We hung out there for a while and talk turned to the dance. Jack and Blair wanted to go, but needed dates. So with my typical way of making promises I'm not sure I can keep, I promised to find them dates. 

But as I left Dillon, panic set in. It was 10:30 pm - the boys had until midnight to buy tickets. The pressure was cranked up about as high as it could be.

Fast forward through 2 hours of frantic phone calls, some intense Facebook-stalking, racing around the dorm, texting, panicking and laughing. I assembled 4 willing ladies and then brought Sam, Dan, Jack and Blair over to meet their dates. Everyone hit it off. We bought tickets just minutes before the deadline. Plans were made to hit up a thrift store for Western garb. The boys almost got kicked out of the dorm for staying several minutes after parietals. And in the end, everyone went home with a date for Friday's dance. That, my friends, is what I call success. :)

p.s. That's also my reason I love being single of the day... I get to experience madness like that. I felt like I was back in high school... and I loved it.

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