Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday At Notre Dame

Last night I was up too late reading a fantastic novel  (from the best series with the least recognition I have ever encountered) but I still managed to wake up at 9 am, just in time for a delicious breakfast from the dining hall. Oatmeal, juice, and scrambled eggs.. mmm.

I went over to CoMo student center, where I settled into a squashy armchair in the quiet, spacious lounge. To my delight, the fireplace next to me was lit with a cozy blaze. I finished my reading for class, basking in the stillness and warmth.

Then off to 11 am History. We're discussing Augustine's City of God, and since I geek out over Christian theology, the class is pretty fascinating. After that came lunch with dear friends and now I'm waiting for my afternoon seminar. I think I'll go back to CoMo to read by the fireplace again.

Here at Notre Dame, I have the time to sit and read for hours every day... to linger over long lunches and longer dinners with beloved friends... to stay up late reading and still rise up to see the sun. I'm truly grateful for this time in my life.

And yes, I'm such a nerd that I can't imagine anything better than having time to read all day. They don't call me book smart for nothing. :)

Love, Tess

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