Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Never Again: A Poem

Composed after a walk outside in the South Bend winter

I refuse to go outside again.
You can't make me.
Outside it's cold and the snow is in drifts to my knees.
My lips get chapped just walking to class,
unless I swaddle my head in scarves,
and then I look ridiculous.
Plus they say it will get even colder on Friday.
I won't go outside
I refuse
I'll stay in my warm cozy room
with my snuggie, my sweatpants, my warm cup of tea,
and the heat cranked up as high as my dorm will allow.
I'm staying right here
if I get hungry, I'll order Jimmy John's to deliver
Or snack on fruit pilfered from the dining hall this morning
Hibernating in here forever, I'll be content
What's that now?
Corby's tonight?

I'll go
But I'm wearing at least three pairs of socks


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