Thursday, February 24, 2011

What I've Been Up To

Let February 2011 go down in history as The Busiest Month of My Life.

I'll start with the weekends. The first weekend was actually the least busy, even though it included our old-fashioned ball, the due date for my first LFN blog post of 2011 (eek!), and a Super Bowl extravaganza at my friend Eddie's. Man, can that guy host. The appetizer spread alone filled me with a sense of awe and a new-found respect for the male species. I wasn't sure I would be able to make it through an entire evening of pretending to understand/care about national football, but the spectacular chips and dip got me through. Alleluia.

The next weekend there was the beatific Edith Stein Project, with lovely visitors from AMU staying in my room and most of my family in town. Plus, ya know, the actual conference, which featured a wealth of amazing talks all at the same time. Never has my desire to bilocate been stronger.

Next came Junior Parents' Weekend, or Senior Parents' Weekend for those of us who were abroad last spring. Again, my visiting family arrived (with puppy in tow) for three days of events and activities around the clock, plus a whole lot of small talk and mingling. The skyrocketing levels of happiness, fun and bonding were matched only by my increasing levels of exhaustion.

In between each of these weekends, my planner shows a daunting assignment list: dozens of pages to write each week and hundreds more to read. Then there are all the extracurriculars, like cheering my lungs out for Sam in his Bengal Bouts fight, writing articles for The Observer, Jerusalem prep classes... Time for friends is squeezed in with daily lunch and dinner dates that pepper my planner. (I'll be honest, looking at my planner these days scares me just a little bit.)

And so, in the most long-winded way ever (but it's me, what else would you expect?), that is why I've been slacking on the blogging lately. Forgive me? At least you know it's for a good cause. I mean after all, SOMEbody's got to eat Eddie's chips and dip, and I'm always willing to take one for the team. ;)

And what about your life? How's February treating you?

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