Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stealing Time

I was supposed to have flown back to DC today but I moved the flight back a day to give me more time at home. Considering I have to pack everything I own for the move on Saturday, this might not have been my most responsible move ever, but I'm glad I did it.

My visit home has been stellar so far. Tuesday night was a big ole girls' night at Maggie's house, with Anna and Mary also in attendance. I've been good friends with all of these girls since high school and getting together with them is just good for my soul. I truly admire and respect each of them so much, and love to hear about what they're each doing. Anna had good news to share about a possible (amazing!) job opportunity for her boyfriend, Mary updated us on her travels (Boston, LA and Spain in one summer!) and Maggie plied everyone with endless amounts of home-made deliciousness. They are the kind of people you can tell about your most private thoughts and dilemmas, and they will give you a listening ear and the best advice. As much as I love the new friends I've made in DC this summer, I feel truly blessed to have had that golden evening with some of the girls I love the most.

Yesterday Alex came over for breakfast, and ended up staying until well past midnight as we went to see Peter Pan in downtown Chicago and then got horribly lost on our way home. It was so much fun though, even the ridiculous driving around through unknown and sketchy neighborhoods. For some reason the country station (aka my favorite station) was playing nothing but Taylor Swift last night, which just added to the hilarity. Alex is another great friend. The story of our friendship really makes me marvel; I met him when I did that seminar at Princeton over 2 years ago, and we're still very close, as we are with other seminar participants Josh and Jake. Those boys are some of the best friends I made in college, despite only being together for two weeks over two years ago. What a stroke of luck to have them in my life.
This is not even remotely what the actor I saw looked like. It's also not what Alex or Jake look like. Maybe Josh.
On re-reading, this post seems awfully chipper, with much talk of feeling "lucky" and "blessed" about everything. But what can I say? I really feel so dang blessed right now, especially with this extra day at home I've managed to steal. And now, I should probably go pack!

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