Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A House Tour

This blog has been pretty devoid of pictures for a while now so I think I'll start adding some more. To start off, I'm going to give you a nice little tour of my new home (if anyone besides Lillian is still reading this, which I highly doubt. Hi Lillian!). First of all, here's my dresser next to my bed.

 Aren't the flowers pretty? I like to keep my home regularly stocked with fresh blooms. The mirror is from Urban and goes really well with my French-chic theme. I look very untidy in this picture, and that's because I had been cleaning the kitchen right before taking this. I didn't have the courage to put this pic on Facebook, but I figure if I can't put it on my blog, where can I put it?

This picture is no longer entirely accurate, because since taking it, I've hung the mirror and the crucifix up on the walls instead. So my dresser looks a whole lot less churchy now, which is good. How sweet is the view out my window? 17th floor whadduppp. I go out on the balcony at random times to enjoy the weather and no one else is ever outside. Seriously, no one. Isn't that weird?

You'll notice that this only shows one small part of my bedroom and not the whole thing. There's a reason for that, and it's called half the clothes I own are in piles on my bedroom floor. They're there because I undertook a massive wardrobe reorganization project recently and haven't finished it yet. One of these days.

Hello, dining room. This picture is pretty much my pride and joy. I love my blue and white dinnerware set, and I really love setting tables. Did I ever tell you about the time I won a table-setting competition in high school? Did I? Those were good times.
 My fabulous living room - nice and big, which is perfect for hosting parties. The armchairs are not only ridiculously cozy, but they also lean back. It's pretty awesome. The one on the right in this picture is my favorite. I sit there in the mornings to pray, at night to read, and pretty much every other chance I get. We still need to figure out something to do with the wall behind the couch...
My lovely map, the joy of my heart, which I purchased from Craigslist and drove all the way to Alexandria to pick up. Isn't it awesome? It makes the whole room look that much classier.

And, minus the kitchen and bathroom, that's my apartment!


  1. Adorable! I'm still a faithful reader, Tess! :)


  2. Oh my goodness, I just found your blog and I can't stop reading! You are a fantastic writer! I loved your adoration post and felt so many familiar feelings while reading it.

  3. Allie, thank you so much!! I'm really honored and glad you like it!

    Vanessa... when are you going to come visit me?? Seriously! Miss you!