Sunday, December 11, 2011

To My Friends In College

I was really worried about the "real world" a year ago. Heck, I was worried about the real world six months ago.

Like all of us, I'd been in school for as long as I could remember. Leaving that safe and familiar environment was a scary prospect.

But the real world is lovely. It is oh so lovely.

Part of why I keep this blog is to share that. To say that my life is more wonderful now than it has ever been. That I am so happy. That there is life after college - glorious, goofy, wonderfully fulfilling life.

I saw this posted on Pinterest recently and it cracked me up.

Of course this is oversimplified. But it's so funny because it's so true.

I read it and I realized what I wish someone had told me a year or two ago:

"Don't worry. Don't be scared.

You can handle adulthood. You will do fine in the grown-up world.

In fact, you will do more than fine. You will do great."

And that is true for us all.

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