Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Update

I never seem to have the time to blog on weekends, probably because I don't use the internet much when I'm not at work. Anyway, here's what I've been up to these past few days!

This was the first weekend this month that I haven't had visitors. I finally got everything put away from the last visit and I cleaned the whole house. Although I really really miss having my friends here, it was nice to get everything back in order!

On Thursday, I went to this event with a bunch of my friends, and lent my camera to the event organizers. Now I have a bunch of funny shots of us pretending not to notice the camera.

"Candid" photo: Lee, me, Serena
After the event, I went for a long walk with A Certain Gentleman. We walked to the White House and sat for a while in its garden, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.

On Friday, my friend Evan came over to learn about my Friday Night Project. You see, part of my job entails doing a big software project every Friday night. I jokingly call it my "Friday night homework assignment." Ironically, I never did homework on weekends in college, which makes me suspect that this weekly task is pure karma. Evan is also a journalist so he was very interested in learning about the process.

On Saturday, I met for coffee with a new friend, Caitlin. She works in communications and has the most fascinating life story - she earned her master's at a university in Rome, for one thing, and her uncle is a celebrity. She met her husband while they were both living in Rome and they're expecting their first baby. She told me that she's not staying in her job for much longer, and recommended that I apply for it. I'm hoping to look into that some more.

In the evening, I got a bunch of people together for swing dancing! It was awesome. None of the guys had much experience (except Evan) but they were all good sports about it. I think they ended up having more fun than they expected (at least, they said they did!).

On Sunday, Lee and I drove to downtown DC to meet Joey and Joey's friend Joel for Mass at a "Gospel Choir" church. I was a little apprehensive about it but was pleasantly surprised. The service was very reverent and actually quite traditional - for example, there were some songs in Latin.

Sunday evening I went out to dinner and the movies. It had been months since I'd last been to the movies. It was a lot of fun.

Well, that was my weekend! What did you do?

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