Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy First...

I am feeling a little spoiled today. Roses did indeed come to my desk at work, and part of me squirmed a little over what Auntie said about that subject, but that quickly subsided into a huge smile and feelings of gratitude. This girlfriend thing is still so new that I haven't yet had a chance to sink into relationship smugness - and I hope to goodness I never do. Those of you who know me in person, please notify me immediately if I ever get smug, and I'll give myself a stern talking-to.

With the roses came a note, my favorite line of which was, "Happy First Valentine's Day." The first. Yes. Exactly.

My primary feeling on this holiday of love, and for the past two weeks, has been one of profound wonder. I feel amazed. Although we had been friends since July, Frank's love came into my life very suddenly and unexpectedly. Yet so quickly I have found in him a "kindred spirit," someone I feel I can trust completely, someone who understands my quirks, someone whose goodness inspires me and who opens my mind to vast and unexplored horizons. I can't help feeling undeserving of this gift. It feels exactly like it was described in this article. I know I didn't do anything to merit this or to make it happen; God in His infinite kindness simply dropped this into my life, in His own time and on His schedule and plan. The whole thing is rather a mystery to me, and a source of great joy.

I sent this little image to Frank the other day and we had a good laugh over it. I think in a way it symbolizes our love. We both have spontaneous, adventurous spirits - we enjoy quoting Chesterton's line that "An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered." When I'm with him, I can't help feeling that our great adventure is just beginning.


  1. Dear Tess,

    I stumbled upon your blog from The Catholic Young Woman. I have been following your posts from early this year and I absolutely love, love and ... love reading them. Being a young 22 year old Catholic myself, I feel I really connect with your life experiences.

    Yours sincerely,

    p.s. I felt obliged to write here cause I felt like eavesdropping into your life if I didn't make myself known :)

  2. *smiles*

    That's what your posts lately make me do. I'm glad I'm not the only one who had an amazing Valentine's Day. God bless you two!

    Oh, and I LOVE that image! So fun!

  3. Wow, ladies, thank you so much for such sweet comments!

    Clare, tell me about your Valentine's Day! I'm excited to share stories.

    Lilian, readers like you are the reason I keep writing. :) You are more than welcome to eavesdrop any time!

  4. I'm sorry you squirmed! People who receive valentines and Valentine's Day roses should not feel guilty about them. They should enjoy them wholeheartedly while--perhaps--putting chocolate on their desks for people who might otherwise not get chocolate!