Friday, March 2, 2012

Consider Including

I use Google mail, so whenever I send an email these days, a little suggestion pops up for recipients to include in the email. Like this:

I find this to be really funny. Gmail is very good at predicting who I want to send emails to.

I also find it funny to see who they recommend, depending on who the recipient is. When I type in Frank's email address, Joey and Lee pop up to "consider including." When I type in my mom's email address, my dad's and sisters' email addresses pop up.

The most interesting part is how the "consider including" changes over the years. Last spring, when I was still at Notre Dame, I would type in Lillian's name and our friends Sam, Dan, and Rob would pop up. Now it's our high school girl friends and Joey. At other times it's been our college classmates. I enjoy thinking about how our friend groups have evolved. 

The fact that I spend so much time thinking about this may mean that I send too many emails. But as my friends and sisters would tell you, we already knew that!

1 comment:

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