Friday, April 13, 2012

Birthday at Red Velvet

Last night we went to my favorite cupcakery and restaurant in all of DC, Red Velvet, to celebrate my sister Caroline's 16th birthday. 

Frank, me, Angela, Caroline, Joseph, my mom
Frank and I got the same thing we always get - one Cuban sandwich and one Croque Monsieur, split between us. Yum! I didn't take a photo of the Croque but here's the Cuban. It was divine.

I love how their plates always come piled high with leafy greens. Such a great alternative to the french fries most places serve!

I gave up cheese for Lent so it was a real treat to eat such cheesy delicious sandwiches. I've been a little cheese-crazy this week. Yesterday Frank and I stopped by a wine-and-cheese reception for this book and he laughed at how I practically hovered over the cheese tray. But isn't that a great part of Lent being over? It's so fun to indulge a little in the things we've missed for 40 days!

I attempted to catch some candid shots of my family eating dinner. Joseph and my mom were suitably oblivious but Caroline was on to my scheme.

Look at that sweet face. My little Carebear, 16 years old. I can't believe it. 16 is a big age. I was 16 when I started dating my first boyfriend. As it turns out, I think that was a little too young. So I keep cautioning Caroline over and over, "Don't date in high school! Seriously, just don't do it!" Hopefully she'll be smarter than I was.

I turned my attention to the other side of the table for more candids. Dad was happily engaged in setting up the tripod for a group photo but Frank got all feisty with me. No pretending to ignore the camera for this man.

Red Velvet didn't have a birthday procedure but they did have candles. So we bought a plateful of cupcakes and sang to the birthday girl. Here we are mid-tune.

What a pretty girl... and a sassy little boy... not to mention delicious cupcakes. Oh man, were those good. I had the Southern Belle, my favorite, which Red Velvet is known for. It did not disappoint.

Joseph enjoying his red velvet cupcake
I gave Caroline a signed copy of The Jane Austen Guide to Happily Ever After and Frank bought her a collection of Jane Austen's novels.

The whole gang after dinner
Today for Maria's birthday, I ordered her a nice bouquet of flowers on my mom's instruction. I added a birthday balloon and a box of chocolates - and I owe that birthday girl a phone call!

I'm pretty excited. Tonight I get to leave work "early" at 8 pm. I know that doesn't sound early, but usually I'm at work until really late on Fridays, often until 10 or 11 pm. This means I'll have a little more time to spend with my family on their last night here. Looking forward to it!


  1. Hi Tess! It's Laura from CYW. I feel like kindred spirits with the other contributors, so I love creeping on your blog to keep up with what's going on in your life. hee hee. SO happy for you and Frank! What a blessing!! I'm experiencing some of that myself these days and it's so exciting and beautiful. :)

  2. Hi Laura! Thanks for commenting. I totally know what you mean about being kindred spirits :) I've been reading your blog too and I would LOVE to hear more about the man in your life - very exciting!! What a great time it is being a 20-something!