Saturday, April 28, 2012

T Minus 6 Hours

Right now I'm busy doing what I always do before leaving on a big trip to Europe: blogging, charging my ipod, charging my camera and clearing its memory space, and neglecting to pack until the last possible moment. What is it about traveling to Europe that makes me paralyzed with indecision? I'm so worried about forgetting something that I don't even want to pack at all!

You can imagine what a state my room is in right now, not to mention the length and messiness of my pre-departure "To Do" list. As I speak I'm looking balefully at a stack of thank-you notes I need to send and trying to decide whether it's worth it to do online check-in.

On the other hand, this time tomorrow, I'll be here:

And soon after that I'll be with those two young hooligans, Lillian and Cathy, having adventures and eating delicious things in Bilbao (probably both at the same time).

Alright, well, it's off to finish packing, shower, call Frank to make sure he's awake, eat lunch with him, and then drive to the airport!!... oh goodness this is too much excitement. ;)


  1. Such a beautiful city, LUCKY GIRL! :)

  2. Thank you Alycia! p.s. Just discovered your blog and I'm obsessed. Super cute! I'm excited to keep reading!