Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Mini-Rant

Cover letters are seriously the bane of my existence right now. I've applied for 8 jobs so far and each time I spend at least an hour (often much longer) re-writing my cover letter and fine-tuning my resume to specified perfection.

Guess how many jobs I've heard back from. One. And they just wanted an interview, not even a job offer.

I know this is nothing to complain about. Lots of people have way bigger problems and much harder things to deal with. But I can't help feeling frustrated when I write all these darn letters and then never hear anything back from these places. Argh.

I keep reminding myself to trust God, that He has a plan, that He is in control here. But if I could just hear back from one more place, it would give me a little extra strength to keep trying. It would save me from feeling (as I feel right now) that this is all so frustratingly futile.

Ok. I have a list of "good fit" jobs written on the notepad in front of my computer. Goal for today: apply to at least 2 more of them. Ready, set, go.


  1. Sorry to hear about the hardships, Tess. :-( I've been praying that someone close to me find a good job, and I'll add you to my prayers. God bless you!

  2. Thanks, Clare. You're the best. :)

  3. Two things:

    1. Send a follow-up email to everywhere you apply within 1 week. There's a good chance that your application just got lost in the shuffle. Remind them, nicely.

    2. An interview almost always means they want to hire you. There is no such thing as "they just wanted an interview, not even a job offer" ... NO ONE will just offer you a job on the basis of your application. The interview usually means, however, that a job offer might be coming.