Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Just a quick catch-up post for some of the things I've been doing recently.

Right after getting back from Spain two weeks ago, I went to Chicago for my youngest sister Angela's First Communion. Frank was invited too but he couldn't come because he had a final the same day. So unbeknownst to me, he sent Angela a bouquet of tulips in honor of the occasion. It was her first time ever receiving a delivery of flowers (and from a boy, no less!) so she was understandably thrilled.


Here she is with her flowers from Frank on the big day. Her First Communion dress was originally Lillian's. My mom bought First Communion dresses for Lillian and me which have been handed down through the family ever since. The dress has held up really well, hasn't it? I love that my sisters get to have that little piece of continuity and tradition when they first experience such a beautiful and important part of our faith.


Nothing makes me happier than being home with my family in Chicago.

Just looking at these pictures is making me nostalgic. I'm going home the weekend of June 2nd, though, and Frank is coming with me. It will be his first visit to my family's house. I'm already so excited for it. Now that is a happy thought.


I tried and tried to get a picture of our cute Yorkshire terrier, Skippy, but he would have none of it.

Cantankerous little beast. He's so adorable though that it's impossible not to love him. We are all fond of him but Skippy is really Caroline's dog. She's the one who gets up at 6 am every morning to let him out when he barks. I respect that, not least because I wasn't nearly that responsible at 16.


One of the nicest things about living in DC is that friends pass through the city a lot and we get LOTS of visitors. 

My dear college friend Kelly was here on Sunday and we stopped for a picture on our way to Union Station to catch her bus. (This really should belong under "Happy," shouldn't it?)

After dropping Kelly off, I joined Frank and a group of his friends to tour the city with a lovely girl named Johanna. Johanna is from Germany and is spending the summer working at the German Embassy here in DC. Frank's dad and brother met her on a mission trip and Frank has been helping her get settled in. She is the sweetest girl and we all loved spending time with her.

We went to the American History museum, the Lincoln Memorial, and had dinner at Shake Shack. Johanna promised to let us know about cool events going on at the embassy in case we ever want to come to them.

I handed my camera over to Frank's best friend Evan as we wandered the city and he took a lot of funny candids.

This one cracks me up because you can see how Frank's hair dramatically changes color, from dark brown to red, right at his ears. Isn't that funny? I jokingly call him "the ginger-beard man."

I hope you enjoyed this week's PHFR!


  1. Your sister looks so sweet and HAPPY with that bouquet :)

  2. So sweet! Family is a gift!

  3. I came over from Like Mother, Like Daughter, and really enjoyed my visit! It is lovely to see the perspective of a young Catholic woman.

    Your sister is a cherub! My daughter made her first communion two weeks ago, and it was a beautiful experience.

    Such a lovely blog. Looking foreward to reading some more!

  4. Thank you so much for clicking over from LMLD! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it and I'm excited to check out your blogs as well!