Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Painting Class

Last night Serena and I went to a painting class at Living Social's new location, 918 F Street. We had so much fun! I can't wait to do it again - next time, we decided, we're bringing our boyfriends.

The space was set up with canvases, paints and easels. Here's the spot I staked out.

We put on paint-splattered aprons and felt creative already!

We came up with the idea of taking pictures of our paintings at each step of the process. Here's my initial sketch.

The instructor was fantastic. He guided us through each step of the process very carefully and clearly. But he moved FAST! Which is a good thing, since we only had 2 hours to finish. We were so busy keeping up that I forgot to take pictures for a while.

Another step in the process:

Another step - at this point I was almost done. I just needed to finish the giant wave in front, clean up the lighthouse and add shading to the rocks.

Serena snapped a few pictures of me putting the finishing touches on my painting.

Here I am with my (almost) finished masterpiece!

I love how the wave turned out and I can't believe that we managed to finish our paintings so quickly! In high school art class, it took me weeks and weeks to finish every thing I made, with my perfectionist tendencies.

The class was mostly filled with women in their 20s and 30s. It was kind of hilarious to overhear some of their conversations - all about their children's nannies and daycare and where they should send their four-year-olds to summer camp. As the daughters of stay-at-home moms, Serena and I found it interesting and definitely different from our experiences.

When the class ended, my painting was still wet, and I panicked a little bit as I realized I had to get it home on the metro. I must have been quite the sight carrying that thing oh-so-carefully up and down escalators! But the painting and I made it home unscathed and it's currently holding a place of honor on my kitchen counter. I'm hoping to hang it in my dining room. I haven't shown it to Frank yet and I'm so excited to show it off! If you ever come over to visit my house (I hope you do!) I'll be happy to show it off to you too.


  1. Looks and sounds like a creative and fun-filled evening. Is your painting acrylic? It's beautiful (:

  2. Thank you Deanna! Yes, we used acrylics. I don't have a lot of painting experience so it really helped that our instructor was so patient and thorough. :)