Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hello // Goodbye

November is a tough month, isn't it? This year it brought some sad and bittersweet but also many good and happy things.

Lillian and Matt were in town for a work trip overnight, so she and I got to have a sleepover! When we took our coats off, we started laughing ... matching outfits! How twinsy. :)

Our friend Morgan moved to San Diego this month. We are happy she got a great new job but sad to see her go. We had a little goodbye party at my house.

We were all sad but Dean, her husband, was saddest of all. He is stuck here without her until he finishes this year of law school. Poor Dean... it's going to be a lonely year for him. Frank and I promised her we'd keep an eye on him.

Are they not the cutest couple though?

Morgan surprised me with the coolest gift... a "bridal preparedness kit" for the big day! It's been passed down through several brides and Morgan used it for her own wedding. I pledged to restock the contents after my wedding and pass it on to the next bride.

We took a picture of the ceremonial Handing On of the Bride Kit... I don't know why we chose such a cheesy pose, but I love being a part of this little tradition!

My grandparents came to visit Frank and me for a few days. They live in Miami, and we were thrilled that they made the trip just to see us!

They wanted to get to know their future grandson-in-law before the wedding, and I'm happy to report that since the visit, they absolutely love him.

Grandpa was already happy that they share a name (Frank? Francisco? Basically the same) and then he realized both have blue eyes. That sealed the deal -- Frank became his new favorite person.

Grandma's moment came when she discovered that Frank shares her love for old classic movies. He's actually seen "The Leopard" ... her favorite movie ever, that none of her children or grandchildren have ever seen (in our defense, it's three hours long, filmed in Italian, and really hard to find). After that they were like peas in a pod.

The trip was a rough one in some ways. My grandfather has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and his symptoms are getting worse. At times he told the same stories over and over, twice or three times in a row. It broke my heart to see his condition worsening, but I was so grateful to spend time with him now -- when he still knows who I am. If you can, please send a prayer my grandma's way -- his sickness is especially hard on her.

But most of the visit was beautiful. We had a great time taking them around DC. We even got to go back to our engagement spot for the first time since that day.

There it is ... our bench! (the little stone one further back)

Grandma and Grandpa wanted to take a pictures with Our Lady of Guadalupe. I cherish this set of pictures: my grandparents after 53 years of marriage...

And Frank and I, the little engaged lovebirds, in the same position. I wonder what the next 53 years will bring us.

Also, happy birthday to Frank! He turns the big 2-3 today. Finally catching up to us older and wiser ones, who have already been 23 for a whole two months. ;)

Happy Thursday!


  1. You and Frank are just so cute together! I'm so happy for you. Prayers your way for you and Frank and your grandparents.
    I also love catching up on your blog when I can....so I don't really comment much anymore, but I do read!

    --Liz B

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  4. What lovely pictures and beautiful smiles! I will be praying especially for your grandparents... My own grandmother suffered from advanced Alzheimer's disease, so I understand how hard it is to watch your loved one suffer from it. Cherish the time now. God bless you!

  5. Will definitely pray for your grandparents! I'm sure it is heartbreaking for your grandma.

    Those last two photos should definitely be framed next to each other! So sweet.

  6. Liz, Sarah Therese, Katrina, thank you so much for your sweet comments and prayers. They are so much appreciated. We're lucky to have some time still, and more memories to be made -- and there is nothing more beautiful than my grandmother's devotion to caring for my grandpa right now. It inspires me. :)