Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Frank Turns 23

Frank had just one request for his 23rd birthday: he wanted to go see Anna Karenina in theaters.

So that's what we did... but he got some other presents first.

When we first started dating, Frank told me that he takes gift-giving very seriously. He takes pride in picking out "the perfect gift" and he even competes with his little brother Ethan to give their sister Jenna her favorite present every Christmas. (Don't you think she must be the luckiest sister in the world?). When he first started dating me, he would even search through my old blog posts and Facebook photos to find ideas for presents, surprising me with my beloved Kindle and other awesome gifts.

Knowing how Frank is about presents, I knew I had to get him something good. I started planning months in advance.

My first idea came easily. Frank's very favorite movies are Anne of Avonlea and Anne of Green Gables, but he didn't have DVD copies of them. 

But after I ordered them, he went and put the DVDs on his Christmas list (darn holiday-season birthdays!). I had to think of something else to surprise him. It was our first time celebrating his birthday as a couple and I wanted to go all-out.

No ideas were coming, however, and I was about to give up on finding a second present when I saw that he posted this Whiskey Advent calendar on his best friend Bart's Facebook wall. 

Frank is a bit of a scotch/whiskey connoisseur, and I'd been brainstorming ways to make this, his first Advent, extra-special. Especially with Advent starting just days after his birthday, the timing seemed too perfect. So I counted up my savings, decided to go a little wild, and bought it.

Did he like it? You be the judge. (I couldn't resist taking a video of him opening it.)

That's how I chose the (hopefully) perfect birthday presents for perhaps the only man in the world who loves Anne Shirley as much as he loves whiskey.

And after dinner and presents, yes, we went to see Anna Karenina. We both loved it and we finished the evening off with delicious drinks and discussion about the movie at a local coffee shop.

Frank said it was the perfect way to celebrate his birthday -- no fuss and fanfare but just the two of us.

Here's to many more happy birthdays together.


  1. i love that you got his reaction on camera! this is the perfect year to splurge on a present like that awesome advent calendar. at least in my experience, you feel like you need to stick to the budget more when you're married because your finances are all together!

    p.s. my sister, allison, told me that i needed to be reading your blog. so, hello there!

    1. Ahh you're Allie's sister? That's awesome! I love her blog and it's been great "meeting" her over the blogosphere. What a sweetheart for telling you to visit my blog. I'm excited to check out your blog too!

      Good point about this being the year to splurge - I'm sure it will be a lot harder to hide a big purchase when he can see the bank statements. At the same time, sharing a bank account will probably be good for me - it's so easy to spend a little too much on silly things when you're just accountable to yourself.

      Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm always excited to get a new reader. :)

  2. Frank likes Anne of Green Gables?! Where in the world did you find him?! Y'all are too cute!

    And I'm glad you met my sister :)

    1. haha I know right? Actually, ever since I met Frank, I've been surprised at how many guys will admit to liking those movies... even my dad was like "Yeah those are good movies" when Frank said they were his favorites. (I was like "Dad - what??") The funny thing is, Frank doesn't like the Anne books as much as the movies, so I think the movies are more appealing to guys for whatever reason.

      I'm so glad I met her too! Thanks for sending her over here!

  3. Sounds like you enjoyed a lovely time together! My fiancé turned 23 last week and we also celebrated a no-fuss, yet wonderful day. Blessings. (=

    1. Thanks Deanna! That sounds like fun - there's really something so nice about doing something simple!

  4. Loved the video hahah

    1. Right? He was like "Why are you videoing me?" but I think it was worth it!

      Maybe I'll have to start making more videos of us doing random things... or even do a vlog? Maybe not -- that might be getting a little ahead of myself!

      Miss you dear!