Thursday, January 31, 2013

March for Life Weekend

I hardly know where to begin. As always, the March weekend was busy, exciting, and full of so many amazing moments. 

First of all, this:

I went to a Right to Life reception for my alma mater and found myself holding a darling baby and some delicious wine. #storyofmylife

My friend snapped this photo and put it on Facebook with a caption about how March for Life weekend is all about partying and babies, though not in that order.

I was overjoyed to realize that ALL FOUR OF MY SISTERS WERE AT THE MARCH THIS YEAR! That's a first in our family history!

I was so happy to see them. Cathy had never visited me in DC before, and we'd never been there all together.

Frank marched for the first time this year. He's not a fan of big crowds but he still enjoyed it.

On Saturday, I toured the city with Cathy, Maria, Cathy's boyfriend Tom, and a friend of Maria's. We walked through Georgetown and I took them to Pinkberry for the first time. How had they not been to Pinkberry?? They loved it, of course.

Tom had his heart set on seeing the monuments so we got all tourist-y and hit up the Natural History Museum, Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, and Lincoln Memorial. We walked at least four miles. Whew!

I asked Tom at dinner, "Did you have a good day?" and he said, "I had a great day." Success!

Frank flew back from Chicago not only for the March but also to attend some important law school meetings, so he was off at school all day. He joined us for dinner.

My dear Alex spent the afternoon with us. I was so happy to have her there—it had been over a year since we last got together!

We went to dinner at a fantastic restaurant that brews its beer on site. I got their light lager, and it was one of the best beers I've ever tasted (and I normally hate beer). Good stuff!

On Sunday morning, Frank and I went to our parish with Lillian and Matt, my roommate Colleen, Conor, and my wonderful friend Mary Kate who stayed at my house for the weekend. (Sadly, I somehow don't have any pictures with her...). Then we went to brunch at the most fantastic Irish pub near my house.

I totally failed to get a picture for WIWS, but I did manage to embarrass the table by taking pictures of my food. Somehow I can't seem to master the art of food photography. Any tips? (It was delicious!)

Lillian and I were pleased to see that the boys were inadvertently matching. Matt said, "We're wearing green and blue. How are we matching??" "You're both wearing sweaters," Lillian said. The boys were completely confused, but don't you think it makes sense?

Don't mind Mary Kate photobombing in the background. :)

On Sunday, Frank and I celebrated our one year anniversary (which was actually on Saturday). We went to dinner at a very nice restaurant, ranked one of the most romantic in DC.

My better nature prevailed and I didn't take pictures at the restaurant but instead just enjoyed the moment. It was such a lovely dinner. I can't believe it's already been a year—or only a year—since we started dating. And now our wedding is in four months.

I did get a few blurry photos at the metro station on our way home.

Frank flew home to Chicago Monday morning. I can't wait to see him again. Only two more weeks!


  1. So many adorable pics from this weekend!

    1. Thank you, but, we missed you!!! Wish you could have been there for the March. But hopefully I'll see you this spring after I move out to Chicago?? :)