Saturday, May 4, 2013

Frank's last class!

Frank had his last class of law school Thursday night.

The rest of the class went out for drinks with their professor, but he came home with an ice-cream cake instead.

"I wanted to celebrate with the people I love," he said.

Of course, I melted.

^^Look at the camera, Joe!

^^Angela's most attractive face (Frank started tickling her)


Now it's just two weeks until Frank graduates from law school. We just have to get through finals first. I'm so proud of that guy.


  1. I am kinda confused - how did Frank start law school in DC and finish it in Chicago? Is he taking classes online or was he able to transfer or something? Just curious!

    1. That's a great question, Caitlin, thank you for asking it! It didn't even occur to me that I've never explained on here what Frank's unusual law school situation is.

      Frank is doing what's called a "visiting semester"—essentially like "study abroad" for law school—in which he takes classes at a Chicago law school but gets credit for the classes at his school in Virginia. This is actually a fairly common practice for law students in their last year or last semester who will be practicing law in another state from where they went to law school, because it allows them to get familiar with another state's legal code without having to transfer.

      Even though this is common knowledge for lawyers, I had definitely never heard of it before Frank did it, and we get a lot of questions about it! I'm pretty sure 90% of our acquaintances think Frank is either already a full-time practicing attorney, or somehow still living in Virginia while he finishes school. :P While we feel so lucky that he was able to do this, it is definitely an unusual set-up.