Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The students are back!

I have a giant post about the rest of our road trip to New York in the works. But in the mean time, there's something I'm really excited about.

I've probably mentioned that I work for a university doing communications. I started working here in May and pretty much right after I got back from my wedding/honeymoon, the kids had moved home for the summer. Campus was peaceful and quiet for the past few months. But now ...

The students are finally back on campus!

They're playing Frisbee on the quad! They're clogging up my favorite campus cafes! Their bikes are taking up the whole sidewalk ... and I don't even care, because it's so much fun having them back. They give the whole campus so much more energy.

Today I went to noon Mass at the Catholic chaplaincy on campus, and I found out they're offering free lunch after Mass all week to welcome the students back. Isn't that nice? I considered pretending I was a freshman for a hot second before my sense of decorum won out. Next time.

Work is more fun too, because I get to create fun albums like this on the University's Facebook page. Good times. (And now you all know where I work. Shhh. Don't tell!)

This is pretty much the best week ever. Frank and I went to the Notre Dame game on Saturday and we saw so many awesome people I can't even begin to name them all. Special thanks to Mary for letting us park at her place and Candida for hosting us for dinner. Sadly we missed seeing Katrina, but next time—the dream lives on! Tonight my friend Theresa is coming over for dinner, and on Thursday Vanessa is spending the night with us on her way to Notre Dame. This little extrovert is one happy camper. And as though all that weren't enough, Frank and I finally cleared out our bedroom on Sunday (you can close the closet doors now! It's a whole new world) and last night we got our Chicago library cards! Library cards are the best cards, I say.

And the students are back on campus. What a week!

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  1. In college I used to think it would be SO nice to just have all the people disappear for a little awhile and be by myself. Then I had to stay on campus for couple days over Christmas break. It was soooo depressing. Campuses are meant to be full of students and life and laughter.

    Library cards are definitely the best!!!