Thursday, February 6, 2014

Conor and Elizabeth's Wedding

Frank and I went to South Bend over the weekend for our dear friends' wedding. I've talked about Conor before—we didn't meet until the very last day of my senior year at Notre Dame, but we reconnected when he moved to DC, and he and Frank are kindred spirits who became instant best friends. Frank did a reading at their wedding and Conor did a reading at ours.

Even though I went to Notre Dame and have quite a few married friends, this was my first time attending a wedding at the basilica on campus. It was incredible.

(There's a reason this place won most beautiful college chapel!)

Conor caught me taking photos of him while he waited for Elizabeth to arrive...

His brothers were the groomsmen, and Elizabeth just had her sister as matron of honor. It was the smallest wedding party I've ever seen. It worked out really nicely; I loved how well they pulled it off.

Frank's reading!

He got the one about wives being subordinate to their husbands, and afterward he said he had to avoid looking at me when he read that line, so that it didn't look like he was directing it at me. Too funny.

Elizabeth's dress! So Kate Middleton. So beautiful.

This next picture is my favorite. I love her face as they say their vows—filled with so much love and trust.

Of course I cried during the ceremony. The homily was beautiful and it acknowledged some crosses this young couple has already had to face. Add beautiful music and my pregnancy hormones, and you have a recipe for me tearing up about four times throughout the Mass. But only happy tears—we love these two so much!

The wedding included a special surprise—Notre Dame's famous Glee Club sang the Ave Maria after communion. Conor's little brother is a Glee Club member so he was able to arrange it. What an exquisite performance it was, accentuated by the perfect setting.

I didn't get a photo of Conor and Elizabeth walking out, but after the ceremony I saw the bridal party, priest, and flower girls clustering around the newlyweds to express their congratulations, and the image was so sweet I had to take a picture.

With both sets of (wonderful) parents:

The reception was just beautiful. Frank and I had a great time reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.

At one point I noticed the little flower girls crowding around the cake to "ooh" and "ahh":

And what would a wedding post be without pictures with the bride and groom?

Frank and Conor, BFFs. Even though they would roll their eyes at me, they'd both agree it's true.

Aaaand finally here's a photo of Frank and me, in all my pregnant glory. 29 weeks! Home stretch!

We had such a great time, despite the cold, and I loved being back on campus. It's always so surreal to go back and visit your university, you know what I mean? Especially being pregnant. I sometimes wonder what it would be like if my college self could meet myself now. Quite the interesting conversation that would be.

It was a great weekend. All the best to you, Conor and Elizabeth! We'll be praying for you. We love you guys!


  1. Love both her dress AND your dress! :) :)

  2. Can I just say I sighed such a sigh of relief when I saw your friend was Conor, NOT Connor! That sounds super picky I know ;) but being Irish, Conor is a traditional male name in our family - its my dad's name, his cousin, the cousin's son etc...and Connor with the double n makes me wince. Now I sound so whiny, but ohhh weeelll. Anyway, your friend Elizabeth looked beautiful - very Princess Grace also - and you look glowing, my dear! The Kate Middleton pregnancy dress suits you to a tee, you have the hair to match also! Good luck for the home stretch!

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