Monday, April 14, 2014

Ready for Baby: What we actually ended up with

So you guys got to hear me worry about our lack of preparedness for Baby's arrival when I was 6 months pregnant. Well, I'm happy to report that now at 8.5 months, we actually are ready! Or as ready as a person can be for something this life-changing.

After making the world's most over-thought list of baby essentials, my plans were changed when I realized that people will just give you stuff. Awesome stuff. Check out the world's cutest blue and gold hat, hanging out in our baby clothes drawer:

My friend Laura made that. I know. I was blown away. Frank and I are in love with it and we can't wait to put it on Baby's head as soon as the little one makes an appearance.

Anyway, so here are the rules I followed in deciding what to actually get.

1. No buying of clothes. My friend Maggie had a baby in July, and she told me over and over again not to buy any clothes, because we would receive more than enough as gifts. She was right. Baby already has a fully-stocked wardrobe with every kind of soft, snuggly outfit you can imagine.

2. No buying of anything we can get for free. I made a list below of all the baby stuff we currently have. The only things on this list we bought were the crib, disposable diapers, Puj tub and "diaper bag" backpack—and we used gift cards for all four, so they were "free" for us too. Everything else was borrowed or a gift.

Oh, Frank also bought a few onesies for the baby, including that "Southside Irish" one in the picture above (he loves that thing). Rule #1 only applies to me, not him.

Baby gear we actually have

Graco Travel Lite crib with stages

I was set on exclusively co-sleeping (saves space and money!) until I realized Baby needs a place to nap during the day while I'm going about my business. So we went to Babies R Us to scope out the options, and Frank fell completely in love with this crib that grows with your child, from infant bassinet to full-fledged crib. He wanted to buy it on the spot! Instead we waited a few weeks for a big sale on Graco products and used a gift card to order it. Free shipping, too. Score.

Insane amount of onesies and socks (Frank's little brother works at Old Navy and he buys us all kinds of baby clothing. One time baby socks went on sale for $0.25 each and he bought $20 worth. Baby will have socks FO LYFE.)
Two Boppy pillows
Infant car seat/bucket carrier
Stroller that fits with infant car seat
Baby carriers: Baby Bjorn, Moby wrap, and ring sling
Two baby bath tubs (a regular plastic one, and the foldable Puj Flyte)
Cloth diapers (prefolds—we're hoping to add some AIOs to the stash)
Swaddling blankets/wraps
Nursing cover
Bouncy seat
Sophie the giraffe
Breast pump (Did you know you can get breast pumps for free through some insurance plans? That's what I did. Thank you, health insurance!)
Disposable newborn diapers
Baby bath supplies (body wash, lotion, etc.)
Several darling books and toys
Baby bath towels
Receiving blankets
White noise machine (Frank's radio alarm clock makes nature sounds, beach sounds, etc. Two birds, one stone.)
"Diaper bag" aka the lightest backpack we could find (My baby-expert friend Maggie told me to get a diaper backpack instead of tote bag, and I do as I'm told)

I may be missing a few things, but overall, I think we just might be set!

The one thing I want to try and collect a few more of is cloth diapers, because although we have a bunch right now, they were borrowed and we will need to return them to my co-worker at some point.

Ok, sorry to do this again, but fellow moms, help a mother out. Anything crucial I'm missing? Thank you thank you in advance!


  1. You sound ready to go! When I was pregnant a fellow mom-friend gave me a gift of random, little things that she found she could never get by without. Since then, I like to give other moms the "little" things, too, because people tend to give you the "big picture" items. Realistically you could just acquire the little things as you go, but I found it very helpful to already have some of the stuff I would really need on a daily basis so I didn't have to run to the store when certain things happened. For me, these kinds of things (in the first 6 months) included: laundry supplies (detergent, dryer sheets, and stain remover that are all free & clear of perfumes and dyes), baby nail clippers, a baby hair brush, teething gel (they make homeopathic ones! Both Ora Jel brand and Hyland's), rubber teethers, baby acetaminophen (it usually comes with a syringe for you), a baby first aid kit (I haven't had to use this yet but it's handy just in case), bibs (lots of drooling happens around 3 months and/or once they start teething), vaseline (we haven't needed Desitin or had diaper rash issues yet, but when they drool/spill milk before they can lift their heads well their necks can get red and shiny - so we'd clean his neck, dry it, then put some vaseline on it to help the redness go away). That's everything I can think of off the top of my head. Don't sweat it if you don't have most of these things before the baby arrives! You won't need most of it for awhile (except laundry stuff which you will need asap haha). Besides - everyone is different and finds they can get by with different "gear" (big and small!). Happy nesting! :)

  2. We have that same little crib and have loved it! Although we did have to upgrade to a full size P&P as they got bigger. I love being able to get them out of the bassinet without getting out of bed.

    1. That's so good to hear your positive review!! Definitely validates that purchase. :) I'm curious how long we will be able to use the travel crib before upgrading to something else... we'll see!

  3. Onesies are the BEST. You can never have too many. ;) Looking forward to seeing the little nugget!

  4. Burp cloths! I went through gads of them, both because of spit up, but also because...breastfeeding. You just need something for when things get leaky, or if you have an overproduction problem. I did for awhile and literally used like 2-4 burp cloths per feeding. Another thing, for cosleeping/breastfeeding: see if you can get an extra waterproof pad (like the ones you put over your diaper changing cover). There was always a huge wet spot on my bed in the morning from leaked breast milk. I used towels and extra receiving blankets, but something with a waterproof underside would protect the mattress best.

    1. How do you always have the BEST suggestions that I would never in a million years think of? We do have about 12-ish burp cloths but I didn't even think about a waterproof pad for the bed. Depending on how the milk production goes I may be picking one up after baby gets here. Thanks!!

  5. Tess did you buy a good nursing bra and/or tank? Here is an excellent one-I'd bring one to the hospital to go home in and then have an extra one on hand: http://glamourmom.com/store/shopexd.asp?id=597
    You can wear one during labor instead of just the awful hospital gown.
    Also, see if you can bring home the plastic drink pitcher they will give you in the hospital-it's the perfect size to keep next to your nursing chair, when you are dying of first when the baby latches on.
    A pacifier? It's not a good idea to use until your milk production is up to par and regulated, and you want the baby to nurse every 2 hours, but I love pacifiers-and not being a human pacifier (like I was with two of the babies who wouldn't take them.)
    So excited for you.
    PS. Abbey went with Jeff to see Loyola and DePaul-or I would have contacted you! I stayed back with kids. :)

  6. Thank you so much for this! I’m also 27 wks with baby # 2 and have a 17 month old. Now we look infant car seat for the little girl. Oh, and we just learned the gender this morning :). Thank God my younger sis is coming to help for several weeks after! Blessings as you prepare. (BTW, really looking forward to the potty training posts. That’s on the to try list!)