Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Double baptism + giveaway winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! I loved reading about all your cool traditions and days that are special to you. The winner was Claire Rebecca. Claire Rebecca, please email me at tmcbarber@gmail.com so we can work out getting the book to you!

Frankie and his "twin cousin" were baptized together on Sunday. The ceremony was beautiful!

I had hoped for a peaceful, happy baby, but after sleeping all through Mass, Frankie decided to throw propriety to the winds and scream bloody murder through the ceremony. Silly baby!

Have you heard the superstition that a baby who cries at his baptism is going to have a religious vocation? Frank said, "If it's true that a baby who cries is destined to become a priest, I think our boy is going to be the first North American pope!"

Meanwhile, his sweet little cousin slept angelically through the whole thing!

My sister and her husband were Frankie's godparents. 

And my parents were godparents to my sister's baby.

How does your family pick godparents? I was raised with the idea that godparents should be family members, since that offers some guarantee that they will remain a part of your child's life and you won't lose touch with them. But I know a lot of people choose friends or spiritual mentors instead, and really, it's not fair to Frank if we always go with a "family only" rule since none of his family is Catholic. Stuff to consider for the future!

After the baptism, we had a party at my parents' house to celebrate the babies, and took a million photos of all the family members with Frankie.

Here is my side of the family—Frankie with his dad, uncle, grandfather and great-grandfather. As you can see, Frankie was really loving life that day. :p

And with the Barber side of the family—uncle, grandpa and dad:

We did get one picture where Frankie wasn't screaming! He just looks deeply offended. Here are all three of the Frank Barbers:

And here are "the five Franks"—from left to right, my godfather Uncle Frank, my father-in-law Frank, baby Francisco, my husband Frank and my grandfather Francisco. Man, there are a lot of Franks in my life!

I also got some "four generations" pictures with my grandparents—here I am with my dad and his mom:

And my mom with her mom:

It was so special to have my grandparents there to meet the babies. They were so happy to meet their first great-grandchildren. My mom's mom never wanted to let them out of her sight!

Later in the day, Frankie calmed down a bit. My new favorite photo of him is this one that Kathryn took, in a darling outfit she gave him:

Aaaaaand last but not least... I thought you guys might enjoy this hilarious picture that my little sister put on Facebook in honor of Father's Day. It's from a family vacation about 16 years ago.

Is my dad not the original hipster? And can you tell which one is me?


  1. Hah! Your dad is such a hipster... Love that little farmer's outfit.. ;) Congratulations on the baptisms!
    Country Girl's Daybook: Jesus, Photography, Fashion, & Food

  2. Beautiful ceremony and such fun pictures!

  3. I love the "deeply offended" look on Frankie. Your kid is such a wonder at facial expressions. You can see the day progressing just according to the look on his face in each picture :)

  4. Beautiful! We decided to pick friends do our son's godparents. I'm a convert and many of my husband's relatives aren't practicing. We chose based on faith life.

    Frankie is just the cutest. And I sympathize when it comes to screaming - my little guy did the exact same thing :)

  5. Such cute photos! Even though my mom converted and her relatives aren't Catholic, my parents chose a godparent from each side of the family. I'm close with both of my godparents, but I'm particularly close with my godmother, who is Catholic. My brother and his wife have one child and they chose a college friend who is a priest as his godfather. My husband and I don't have kids yet, but we have five brothers and zero sisters between the two of us, so I'm sure that some friends will play that role with our children.

  6. Love the Godparents discussion :) Two couples I know have decided to keep the *same* Godparents for all their kids - a priest suggested this, as he said it made things less complicated, helped build a sense of family with the Godparents and made it less about the choosing of the Godparents with each birth and more about that one set of Godparents really trying to be holy witnesses and intercessors for all the children.

    Speaking as one of five kids, where our Godparents were all very different (both in the way they interacted with us - some would send cards, some wouldn't, for example - and in the way they lived the faith ... some have even become lapsed Catholics), I like the idea of unity!

  7. love the pictures and frank's comment about the first north american pope ha. also love that little guy is in a gown! it's going to be so fun for you all to see the twin cousins grow up together!

    1. We are definitely looking forward to watching the two of them grow up together!

      Funny story about the gowns - at first, Frank was really iffy about his son wearing a "dress," but he was convinced after re-watching the baptism scene in "The Godfather" (his favorite movie) where the baby boy wears a lacy gown. It cracks me up that he looked to a mob movie for inspiration on that!