Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Frankie in his happy place

I've been making weekly videos of Frankie to share with family that lives out-of-state so they can feel connected to his life and watch him grow. I use goofy voices and silly narration to make them laugh ... just to warn you in case I sound a little crazy in this video. ;)

Frankie's favorite place in the world is Mama and Daddy's bed. We put him down on it and he giggles his head off. Last week I had a mission: to capture his happiness when he gets to hang in the big kids' bed. I'd say the mission was a success!

When Frank's dad saw this video, he said, "I think Frankie is talking to angels." I thought that was so sweet. All the family said this was their favorite of the videos I've made, so I figured I'd share it with you to brighten up a Tuesday ... just don't judge us for the mess!


Frankie in his happy place from Theresa Barber on Vimeo.