Saturday, September 13, 2014

10 great deals for kids at IKEA right now

Frank and I went to IKEA on Sunday and were beyond impressed with some of the useful and crazy inexpensive baby/child products we found there. I was especially impressed with the selection of wooden toys, which I hear kids tend to prefer to plastic (and they supposedly last longer!). Also, not that I'm a professional to be making official recommendations, but I believe a lot of their kids' toys are Montessori-compatible, if you're into that sort of thing.

This post is most definitely not sponsored—I only WISH that IKEA was offering me free stuff—but I wanted to share some of these great deals with you guys in case you need of any of these things!

1. The cutest, cheapest mobile - $4.99

We had wanted a nature-themed mobile for Frankie for a while, but the cheapest ones I could find were in the $30 range. We scored this darling one for a cool $4.99! And the little man loves it.

2. The super-comfortable Poang chair in miniature size - $29.99

Frank calls this "the most comfortable chair in the world" and he and I have matching ones in grown-up size. When I saw that IKEA now carries a children's version, I wanted to buy it on the spot! Frank restrained my enthusiasm (it is a bit of a splurge) but promised we can get it for Frankie once he starts walking. Maybe for his first birthday?

3. A sweet, simple walker wagon - $19.99

These are supposed to be a staple for babies learning to walk, so I'm hoping to get this one for Frankie when he hits that stage.

4. 12-piece train set - $9.99

Frank immediately pinpointed this as something he can't wait to get Frankie for his birthday/Christmas once he's old enough to enjoy playing with trains. I'm pretty sure you couldn't find a better price anywhere. If you want to go really crazy with your trains, you can add 10 more pieces for $6.99.

5. Cooking utensil set - $3.99

Frank and I have this exact set of utensils for adults, so we loved finding it in miniature size. We're looking forward to teaching Frankie to cook once he's old enough, and I bet he will LOVE getting to use the exact same kind of utensils as Mama and Daddy.

6. 7-piece baking set - $9.99

As you can see, teaching our kids to cook is a big priority around here. :) We loved how functional this little set is, and again the price is unbeatable.

7. Multicolor coffee/tea set - $9.99

I love the prettiness and simplicity of this little set. A lot of kids' tea sets are kind of obnoxious-looking, but this is the rare one that I wouldn't mind taking up space in my house.

8. Cloth vegetable set and fruit basket - $7.99

These are so cute for play cooking and grocery shopping, and much more aesthetically pleasing than the plastic ones we used as kids.

9. Antilop high chair with tray - $25

Weirdly, this product isn't listed on the IKEA website, but we saw it in the store. Several mom friends have recommended it as super easy to clean (no corners!) and taking up minimal space. I love the minimalist, modern aesthetic of it too.

10. The coolest city rug for their toy cars - $12.99

I remember my first-grade classroom had something like this and I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. I can't even imagine how excited I would've been to have one at home. You can even get a 3-pack of vehicles to go with it for $9.99

I could go on to list pretty much every item we saw in the kids' section of the store, but I'll restrain myself and end here. The point is, if you're looking for some great and inexpensive toys, get thee to IKEA! And remind me to take my own advice come Christmastime, wouldya?


  1. We also love a lot of ikea stuff- but a note of caution on the walker, it is really not suitable for a learning to walk or beginning walker. We bought it for my son and I felt so bad when he tried to use it and immediately toppled. The base part is not heavy enough to counter balance an unsteady child on the other end! By 2 he loved it for carting around all of his little treasures tho.

  2. As tempting as a lot of the 'play kitchen' stuff is, that's an area where it's not too tough to take things you already have around the house and turn them into play items. Cloth fruit/veggies are super easy to make on your own (there are tons of patterns out there). My nieces have a crazy well-stocked play kitchen just from empty old containers that the whole family has doctored up for them (oatmeal, small cereal boxes, milk jugs, spice containers, etc.). Most kids are actually pretty excited even if the utensils aren't kid-sized - anytime utensils get too worn out for the grown-ups to use, they get sent to the play kitchen if they're safe & not broken.

    1. That's a great point JoAnna :) Already Frankie loves to chomp on wooden spoons and other ordinary household items (we do have to be careful about which ones he puts in his mouth of course!). I also love the idea of saving old containers for the kids to use in their play kitchen. I imagine they love that since it's just like what the grown-ups use!