Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Photo Challenge Day 1

Today's challenge was to photograph a "physical quirk" of someone you love.

Frank was at work so Frankie was my only subject. My mind started racing with what I could pick. His curly blonde ringlets? His funny long toes? The way he likes to stick his lower lip out, puff out his cheeks, and blow "pppppppppp" sounds?

At first I thought I would use this phone photo I took over the weekend:

Frankie is normally a side or back sleeper so it cracked me up how he was sleeping curled up on his belly like that.

But then I figured the whole point of this project was to use my "real camera" more, plus it felt like cheating to use a photo I took before the challenge.

So I decided to try and get a photo of his cute and hilariously long toes. It proved harder than I expected since every time I got close, he tried to eat the camera.

Well hello to you too, little man.

So I decided to distract him with a book.

Frankie loves his board books. He will sit for 15 or 20 minutes at a time picking up one book at a time and carefully flipping through the pages. In fact, two weeks ago, he said his first word—I was pointing at books and saying "Book, book" when Frankie softly repeated, "Booo... kkkuhhhh." I kind of flipped out. Is he my child or what?

 And a closer look at those silly little toes:

Plus an extra "physical quirk" shot of his crazy wet hair after a bath this morning:

He's got his father's wild curls for sure.

Ok, Day 1, over and out! I'm really rocking this thing so far! ;)


  1. I love long baby toes! Especially when they're really tiny, they look like little sausages all lined up together. Too cute.

  2. Oh my goodness, his toes ARE really long! How cute! Great pictures :)

  3. Aw, YAY! Love photo challenges! I've never managed to stick to one myself past about ten days (makes me feel like SUCH a failure of a photographer!), but I'm super excited to see all of yours!!!